January 11, 2015

Kissing in the Ocean of God. {Poem}

guy man underwater

I want to kiss my love so deeply that our mouths become an ocean,

And in opening and closing carry on a conversation with God,
That our love making is so excessive we produce enough for the planet,
That the bowl in which we contain our joy washes clean the coasts
So we all might start again.
It is time, my friends, to unscrew the stars,
To grip our fingers in their sockets,
And to swing from the roof of the world.
It is time, my friends, to hold a funeral for Arab and Jew,
To wrap their bodies in the flags of many nations,
And to collect our true inheritance of a common humanity.
It is time for the planets to teach us something of how they died.
Time for the stars to invite us into their mansions,
So we might look down like Gods on all we created,
Time for us to dance around the war makers until finally they smile,
Time to make this summer of hate so hot with agitation,
That it melts into another summer of love.
It is early morning, when poets and philosophers finally come to rest,
But I cannot sleep, I cannot sleep because
I want to tell you how it is to feel like the skin of the earth,
Where ten trillion beings suffer and love and then one day die,
Where a voice is emerging that does not know its own name.
It is time to bend the arc of justice with our own bare teeth.
It is such a rigid beam that stretches across the sky,
But if we work together, we need but each lend a finger
To bring it down to earth and make a bridge into heaven.

It is time to set the refugees free,
To cast out the militias in Syria, Libya, America, and Iraq,
To dissemble dictators and throw sand in the eyes of the blind.
It is a human right to make love in the ocean,
It is a human right to give up everything to love your enemy.
It is time to create a new religion and to set to rest the old,
It is time to make this generation better than the one that came before.
For this might be the first to see we are all of a single race
The first to build the Parliament of Humanity.
Perhaps you have failed to notice I am doing
Everything in my power to shake you to the core of your being,
To shake you so hard we create a new power source,
To shake you so hard the electricity runs through your veins,
To shake you so hard the old blood is replaced by the new.
To shake you so hard that this shaking itself,
Becomes the practice of a new religion.
You are far too vast to fit into some narrative that does not end
With each and every one of us stripping off the skin
Of our petty little identities and finally living as one.
You are far too vast not to take this moment
To trade in your prison cell for a view from the heavens.
You are not a Jew, you are not a Muslim,
You are not a Christian, you are not an American.
Rather you are something greater than you might ever know,
And this is what every prophet and every sage,
Who has ever lived up to the calling,
Has been trying to tell you all along.


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Author: Theo Horesh

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Alan/Flickr

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Read 1 comment and reply

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