January 22, 2015

Love Me Like This.

love in a field

When you love me, I’d like for you to love me like this.

Please wake me with your whispered sleepy wanderings.

Bite my soul and savor how I taste.

Read with me, read to me, read each piece of me.

Feed me with your curious desire.

Show me all your naked curves and endings.

Touch me with your wildly textured shape.

Tousle, tease my carefully smoothened craziness.

Move in me then penetrate each thought.

Love me like you’ve never known a love like this.

Pierce me with your sharp and blunted edge.

Soothe me use your smooth and silky oil on me.

Calm me when my world forgets to stop.

Walk with me, forget of where we’re heading.

Dance and step on landings time forgot.

Twist with me and turn in each direction.

Spin me round and tumble down each hole.

Show me each still moment lying deep in me.

Hold me and then feel me, how I hold.

Talk and share your words and listen carefully.

Discover what’s beneath my mask and veil.

Press into, use force and leave your print on me.

Stop and breathe, inhale me, feel my drug.

Addict to me, but break, leave wanting more of me.

I’m tough, but fragile too, don’t test my soul.

Don’t hold too tight or snap, please just bend with me.

Love me, please, then love me, show me more.

I want your love, I need you lying next to me.

But, never think I’m yours, I don’t belong.

I am your love, I love to spend my days with you.

I’m love, I love your love, but need me more.


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Author: ALex Sandra Myles

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr



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Read 1 comment and reply

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