January 10, 2015

Love Should Never Be Lazy.

I have a friend who told me he falls into past loves often.

Because they know him, because it’s all found and known and figured out and so forth.

Comfortability is f*cking beautiful—sometimes.

I love routine—routine is the known that I choose because I love it.

I love coffee before I press go.

I love it in that mug—the orange and brown pottery mug made in between mountains in the Kootenays.

I love walking by the same coffee shops and smiles each day on the way to life in a neighborhood I know.

I love that shirt that knows my body because I wear it as often as I can without being found out.

I love working at that table in the Gumboot Cafe, because it’s by the window with the stained glass and gets the most sunshine.

Yes to comfortable! F*ck yes.

But—oh, of course there is a but.

Love should never be lazy.

There are so many souls to dip our toes in. So many hearts worthy of exploring and knowing and growing alongside with.

There are infinite connections to tap into, bodies to explore, hearts to bump into, collapse in.

Love shouldn’t be settling. Love shouldn’t be easy.

Just because something once fit, doesn’t mean it fits now.

And in saying that, just because we outgrow a pair of shoes, doesn’t mean we don’t love the crap out of those kicks.

But we do outgrow shoes and connections and loves.

Friendships need to be broken. Clothes need to be recycled. Connections need to part.

One of the greatest things we can do as lovers is, when the time comes, to acknowledge a connection is spent and leave with as much grace as we entered with.

We will find other comfortables, other knowns and it will be so bloody worth the energy, the time, the soul spelunking, the jitters, the butterflies and the silence we sometimes crave from the start.


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Author: Janne Robinson

Editor: Travis May

Photo: IMDb

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