January 23, 2015

Ready to Break from the Chains of Your Past?

This is my dog.

I found her in an alley chained up and being abused down in the Bahamas four years ago.

Look at her face. Can you see the trust in that face?

Can you see her innocence and the pure love coming out of those eyes?

Regardless of her early hard times, she trusts me. She is 100 percent love wrapped in red headed warmth.

Seriously—as much as this dog went through in her short time on Earth before I got her in my arms, she is now pure love and expects the best from everyone.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some hard times in my life, too.

I might as well have been chained up in that alley like an abandoned dog.

I can let those  memories shape me and continue to drive my life, or I can be like my dog and realize that those chains aren’t there anymore. The only person who can hold me down and make me feel that pain is myself and my own memories.

You see: we have this human mind that messes with us far more than life itself.

Look at her face. She anticipates fun and food and love, and you know what? She gets it every single day.

Regardless of her terrible start in this life, what she has now is pure bliss.

Sometimes I look at my own face in the mirror, and I can see the days that I’m carrying my past pain into the here and now.

I look tired, empty and unloved. There is no sparkle in my eyes.

Other days, I look in the mirror and I look happy and vibrant.

On those days, I know that I’m living in the here and now. On those days, I know  I’m not letting my mind carry the past forward into today.

I’m free.

So what’s it going to be for us both?

Shall we walk from our own alleys and chains and realize we’re free?

Or will we continue let our minds carry the past into this day?

Look at her face one more time. I know what I’m going to choose.




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Author: Tamara Star

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Author’s Own 

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