January 22, 2015

Soulfire: There is a Time & a Place.


There is a place where my soul feels at rest. Where my heart beats in a gentle rhythm and my feet are steady.

There is a time when I am alive from my head to my toes, the blood in my veins runs blue with purpose and I live as my most authentic self.

There is a place where my hips sway to a cadence known only to me and we all stand and dance separately, yet still together.

There is a time when I am grounded and simple. When I am full. When I am easy.

There is a place where my eyes shine with the sun, as my mind wanders in and out with the waves and I stand with my hands open, prepared to embrace the unknown.

There is a time when there is only love, and light, and happiness. Where there is song, and dance, and celebration of living.

There is a time when everything just works. When there is no maybe or after or later or sometime. Just the present, and it is, itself, a present.

There is a place without struggle. Without fear. Without worry. Without barriers. Where I can feel. A place where I can see.

There is a place that sparks a change. That grows the will of ten thousand men and the strength of one million. There is a place that inspires a new existence in me.

There is a time that is right. Opportunities are abundant. Gratitude is offered. Praise given freely. When I just know. When I simply let go.

There is a place. There is a time.

This is that place. That time is now.



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Author: Rebecca Lammersen

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Vic/Flickr

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