January 28, 2015

The First Step to Ending Negative Self-Talk.

inner voice

Our Inner Jerk says that we can’t deal with this disappointment, sadness, anger, emptiness, anxiety, uncertainty, loneliness, boredom, fear, embarrassment, frustration and lack.

We are not coping.

We are not dealing with our lives.

We are not feeling our feelings.


We are eating.

We are drinking.

We are shopping.

We are cheating.

We are smoking.

We are medicating.

We are gambling.

We are internetting.

We are smart phoning.

We are sexing.

We are escaping.

We are hiding.

We are abandoning our deepest selves.


You already have walked through fire and survived.

If you are here, you are a survivor.

Some of you have withstood unmentionable tragedies.

Some of you have withstood of lifetime of nothing awful and nothing great.

Some of you have withstood things that you cannot whisper about.

Some of you stopped living a long time ago.

You have been surviving.


It is time.

It is time to give yourself more than existence.

It is time to give yourself internal riches and unending love.

It is time for thriving.


You can do hard things.

You do it every day.

Being unhappy is hard.

Self-medicating is hard.

Being uncomfortable in your own skin is hard.

Feeling like you are less than is hard.

Trying to fill an unending void is hard.

Swallowing your beautiful and valuable feelings is hard.


If feeling bad weren’t so hard, you wouldn’t run from those feelings.


Change is an opportunity.

Change feels hard.

That’s okay.

You know that you can do hard things.


What if I treated myself well today?

What if I talked to myself with respect?

What if I talked to myself with love?

What if I applauded my successes?

What if I allowed myself to be happy right where I am?

What if?


To create your freedom, you must name the voice.

Who is this Inner Jerk that is telling you these lies?

Does he sound like someone else?

Step back and listen.

Listen objectively.


Is it Dad?







Know who this Inner Jerk truly is.

Know that it’s not your voice.

Know that you don’t have to believe him.

Know that you can replace him with your own Amazing Self.


Greatness means that you don’t believe the Inner Jerk.

Greatness means that you have the freedom to create a new voice.

Greatness means that you live in your heart.

Greatness means that love leads your life.

Greatness is not a dress size, house size, salary or relationship.

Greatness is not a destination.

Greatness is feeling how you want to feel.






Engaged in your life.



Simply amazing.

Listen to your Amazing Self.

Focus on creating a new conversation with your Amazing Self.


Two-Step: Breaking our Addiction to Negative Thinking.


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Author: Heather Sayers Lehman

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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