January 6, 2015

Yoga for the Work Desk.

Holidays and weekends only last so long.

Eventually, it’s time to go back to work. This can be met with dread and annoyance or excitement and joy.

Even if the job we’re doing requires long hours at a desk, we don’t have to get caught up in the stress and tension. We don’t have to get stuck in a negative space. With movement and calm, easy deep breathes, any situation can be made better.

Here is a routine to do right at the office at a desk:

The poses are simple and can be done at any time and in any particular order.

Neck Rolls:

Sit with a straight spine and very gently and slowly tilt the head down to the right shoulder. As the head drops down, exhale and as the head tilts back inhale. Move the head in a circular motion, moving very slowly to find a nice pace of breath. This allows the cells of the body and the mind to relax and focus.

Seated Cat Cows:

Sit at the desk and we’ll plant our palms against the edge of the desk. Sit so the knees are under the wrists. Then, arch the back and look up to the ceiling on the inhale and round the back and look down at the knees on the exhale. This is good for tense shoulders.

Seated Forward Fold:

With both feet on the floor, we’ll gently lean forward over the knees. It is nice to reach for the floor, hold the toes or rest the hands around the calves. From here, lace the fingers together behind the back to open up the shoulders. This is great for a tense back.

Seated Runner’s Stretch:

Keeping the left foot planted on the floor, extend the right heel out a few inches so it’s on the floor and the toes are pointed up. Bend forward, reaching for the toes. Maybe lift the foot, pressing the heel out for a deeper stretch. Then do the other leg. This helps keep the blood flowing in the legs.

Seated Twists:

Seated, cross the right leg over the left and turn to face the back of the chair. Maybe use the back of the chair as leverage for a deeper twist. Be sure to do the other side. Twists are great for detoxing and getting more oxygen.

Tree Pose:

While waiting for a fax or scan, maybe pop a foot up to above the ankle or in the upper thigh for a tree pose to find balance.

Have a great day!



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Author: Stacy Porter

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Author’s Own

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