February 27, 2015

Jamie Lynn Hart on Tapping in: Channeling the Mystic Muse.


I close my eyes as my voice begins to soar above the music.

My melody starts to ascend up and up as it reaches the peak of the phrase and a high note unfolds like a lotus flower that rings in the air for what seems like forever. The familiar feeling of the stage lights beat down on my skin as I become one with the music.

I am experiencing that precious magical moment of spontaneous improvisation, where my band and I tap into that sacred space of raw artistic creation. As the song ends, I open my eyes and remember there’s an audience. I realize I’ve been in some sort of trance and I wonder if everyone else had come with me on that journey.

Many call this “being in the zone,” which is essentially what it is. But for me, it is something more transcendent than that. I’ve come to understand these moments as pure connection to source energy, of tapping into my higher self and channeling the divine. It is this type of experience that keeps me passionately pursuing my music career. It is the greatest high there is.

Years ago, when these moments of inspiration happened through performance or songwriting, I chalked it up to random luck or the muse being in a good mood that day. I never realized that maybe I could intend to make that connection. Maybe I could ask to plug into that unseen guiding force.

I remember learning about angels and spirit guides and thought it couldn’t hurt to ask them for assistance. I remember scrolling through Facebook once day and suddenly got this loud ringing in my ear, which stopped me dead in my tracks: a familiar spirit nudge saying “pay attention!” Before me was an article by Angel expert Doreen Virtue on how Archangel Gabriel could be called on for writing inspiration. I was just about to leave for one of my songwriting walks and thought, “Why the hell not?”  Songwriting had always been hit or miss for me, and I’d started to fall out of love with it because I never felt I had control over when inspiration would hit. I still had about two songs left to write for my album, and time was running out.

So, I just decided to ask using her prayer: “Dear God and Archangel Gabriel, thank you for giving me the courage, focus, and motivation to write. Thank you for helping me hear true Divine messages that I can express through the written word.”

Hours later, as I returned from my walk having just composed a full song, I felt filled with awe at the possibility that maybe the muse is always there waiting for us to connect, that lyrics, melodies, poems and paintings have always been there and are always available for us. Maybe the cursed writers block is just us blocking ourselves from this endless, free source of inspiration?

A few weeks later, my band and I were about to step on stage to record our first live album in front of a concert hall full of people. We had hired a full production and engineering team to capture our live show and we had one night to make it perfect.

Right before I made my entrance, I heard a voice in my head whisper, “Pray.”

Since the concept of prayer was so new to me, it hadn’t occurred to me until that moment. I stood still, closed my eyes, and asked all my guides to surround me throughout the night: “If you’re listening, please help me connect and become a vessel for this divine energy. Help me use my gift to inspire everyone here”.

What happened that night was officially the most amazing and transcendent performance of my 15-year career. Something powerful was in play that night and words fail to express the feeling of joy we all felt. Needless to say, the album was a success and ending up winning a Limelight award for “Album of the Year”.

After many more of these seemingly miraculous interventions, I can’t help but believe in this unseen assistance. Artists throughout the ages have credited God in their work claiming they are but a vessel for its wisdom. I think we all are if we begin to believe it’s possible.

I can no longer deny the mystical experiences I’ve had since my “spiritual awakening” a year and a half ago. My life is forever changed, and I’m passionate about sharing this magic with the world.

We are always free to just breathe, connect and ask for guidance. Try it. All it takes is intention, willingness and faith. Open yourself up to the possibility of your own personal cosmic assistant being on call 24-7. What would you ask for? Are there limiting beliefs and thoughts getting in the way of you manifesting what you want? Start there. Ask for some divine intervention to unblock what stands in your way. And if doubt creeps in, simply ask for the faith to believe in all of this.  Imagine your life unfolding exactly as you intend and trust that the Universe has got your back. What have you got to lose? Now sit back and enjoy the ride.


Author: Jamie Lynn Hart

Editor: Caroline Beaton

Photo: Author’s own 

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