February 10, 2015

Photo: “Some Alabama judges were unwilling to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples. Then we have her…”


One love!

That’s my best broad, Alicia!

“You’re right that she isn’t a judge, she’s a graphic designer, artist, activist, total badass, and one of my favorite people ever. She just so happens to be licensed to marry folks in Alabama.”

Oh, Alabama:

“The situation seems a bit complicated right now…the Chief Justice of Alabama’s Supreme Court (the guy who was removed from office for refusing to obey a federal court order to remove a monument to the 10 Commandments from his court, but then got re-elected) has decided to issue his own ruling saying that judges in Alabama don’t have to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The legal consensus seems to be that this was completely inappropriate and beyond his authority, but he and other opponents of same-sex marriage are pushing the idea that SSM is still illegal in Alabama, or that the legal position is unclear. So now some counties are granting same-sex marriage licenses, and others are refusing to, while others are refusing to grant any marriage licenses, on the theory that refusing to let anyone get married is not discriminatory.

I don’t think it is really clear what is going to happen now: presumably there will be lots of lawsuits brought against individual probate judges.” Source.

Via the redditor who posted this: “thanks for/u/drewdiepoodle for originally posting this picture.”

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