February 7, 2015

Sex from the Raw Side of the Moon. {Poem}

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Sex From The Raw Side of the Moon

I want sex from the edge of sanity, my love
I don’t want questions about what’s right or wrong
I don’t want any roses, or chocolates or poems
I want the stuff that will make me crawl on my knees
Please don’t say all those boxed, romantic things
Don’t touch me softly hoping not to offend
My feminist side is none of your concern
My savage heart is all I want to share
Feed me lightning, feed me stars, I am not a broken child
I can take all that’s fierce, what’s raw and alive, give me breath of fire and your tantric soul
I don’t want safe, I want to lose control
Pour me some whiskey, hand me that joint
Rip the conservative façade from my bones
We are not here to think about what roles we should play
Politically correct is no longer my game
Just take me to where the sun meets her end
Where the ocean runs dry and the fish gasp for air
Where all light burns out and we’re left asking when
We stopped making love and you left me for her.

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Author: Monika Carless

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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