February 19, 2015

The 4 Important Ways an Empath can be Affected.


How often do people ask you what is wrong and 99.9 percent of the time your response is, “I don’t know?”

Better yet your emotions change as quickly as a light switch being turned on and off.

Do you feel others pain physically, emotionally or mentally?

As an empath you get to choose how to respond to what is going on with you. It will affect all aspects of your life in either a positive or negative way. What is your mindset?

These are the four ways to be affected as an empath:

Physical—Feeling others pain in your body. When that happens and it comes out of the blue, I check in to see if it is mine. More than likely it does not belong to me. How do I know, I ask and feel into it. For example the other night a pain behind my left knee started up so quickly I almost fell. It brought tears to my eyes. Where did this come from was my first thought. This led me to believe this wasn’t mine so I told the universe to heal it and remove it. Within minutes the pain dissipated.

Mental—Have you ever just felt like a space cadet? In a total fog? Start a sentence and forget your thought? Welcome to empath mental fog. Everyone around you is in a state of confusion; there is no clarity or direction and definitely no decision making. I did not realize what was going on at first; it was my hubby who brought it to my attention. We were at a mall one day and I was walking in circles and forgetting what I wanted to do. He came up to me and asked what was going on. It took me a few minutes to focus and then the aha came. I started to keep track of it from that point forward. Helpful hint: Grounding, just being outside, putting your feet in the grass, and if all else fails, take a nap. You will wake up refreshed.

Emotional—Feeling everyone’s emotions coming at you from all directions. It can feel like the waves from the ocean are just beating down on you. I used to never understand how I could go from happy and excited to depressed and crying. It would happen so fast I had no idea what to do.

Then November 2013 came in with a bang and my empath gifts skyrocketed. I was on the emotional roller coaster from hell. Until I realized what was happening. I created a symbol (I picked a bear—you choose whatever you want) and I asked the universe to show me my bear when the emotions I was feeling did not belong to me.

Spiritual—Last but most important is the spiritual aspect of being an empath. How it affects you as a person.  This is where your mindset comes in. You see, in November I hated being an empath (even though I have been one my whole life), hated every single thing about it. I mean, was the universe deliberately trying to torture me?
The answer is no. If you are in that spot I can feel your pain. It wasn’t until realizing I could start identifying what was really mine and what belonged to others that the situation started to seem brighter. Not the kind of brightness that makes you want to stand up and do a happy dance or run into the streets singing.

It was a start though. It gave me room to breathe and actually I was starting to see that my own mindset was actually making being an empath a lot worse. Here is the tricky part: if you want to create your best year yet, if you continue to think life sucks and being an empath is difficult, it doesn’t matter that 2015 is the year of abundance; you will still shut it off.

What to do? You must really want something different; ask the universe for the people, tools and resources to come your way. To give you a new perspective and create a new supportive environment and new habits that will help you to be different and to create more in 2015. Here is the deal: let’s pull being an empath out of the mix; what is your belief system? How do you feel about yourself? What do you really want to do but are holding yourself back?

Spend some time with these questions and spend some time consciously putting yourself first. Find out what really makes you happy.



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Author: Tricia Dycka

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Deviant Art

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