February 8, 2015

Yoga Poses for a Gentle Detox.


I’ve heard a lot about detoxes lately.

At first, I thought it was some new form of dieting technique, but I believe, when approached properly and with health and vitality in mind as the outcome, it can be a beautiful and very spiritual experience. I see a detox as a way to cleanse the body and the mind of the old stagnant energies and toxins that can hold us back from living a life of joy and beauty. A detox is a way of lightening the load so we may step into our futures with grace and love, without being held back by the past (whether that’s in the form of thoughts, memories, or junk food).

I see no reason to ever go a day without eating, but that’s just my opinion. When I go through a cleanse, I stick to liquids: green juices and pureed soups that are easy for my body to digest. It is important to be gentle and nice to oneself during any kind of cleanse, because a detox is a healing procedure meant to give the body a must needed rest after all the work it does for us.

Here is a gentle and simple yoga routine to help guide us through a detox. Be gentle, find ease, and move in a way that feels good.

Seated Twists: The several seated twist variations encourages healthy digestion while also warming up the spine.

Twisting Forward Fold: Not only does this pose strengthen the back and open up the hamstrings, but it gives the inner organs a deeper twist and aids digestion.

Triangle and Reverse Triangle: This pose uses core strength to twist open the belly. If we lift both of our arms above our heads, creating a line of the body, we’ll sweat more and increase a healthy and gentle detox of the body.

Low Lunge with the Front Foot Outside of the Hands to Open the Hips: This pose eases open the hips. It is nice to stay up on the palms, but we can also ease down onto our forearms. On the palms, lift the inside arm up and twist the belly open.

Twisting Squat: This pose is great for the hips and belly.

Head to Knee Seated Forward Fold: This pose can twist open the spine and the sides, especially if we keep both sides long during the twist.

During any detox, it is important to be gentle with the body and easy with the mind.



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Author: Stacy Porter 

Editor: Renée Picard

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