March 12, 2015

45 Things We Can Do when We Stop Being Practical.


A case for living a life of passion and spontaneity:

We live in a culture that fantasizes about spontaneity but rewards practicality. Being spontaneous is something that is saved for storybooks, Hollywood film sets and wine-drunk conversations where you say “Screw it! I’m moving to Paris!”

But the thing is, we never do it. We stay put. We pay the bills. We take the easy way out and spend our nights dreaming instead of doing.

It’s time to stop being so damn practical and start living life like it’s short. Because it is. It’s incredibly short.

So here is a list of things you can do when you stop being practical and chose passion instead.

1. Savor Life.
2. Be spontaneous. And not in the “I’ll-have-chocolate-instead-of-vanilla” kind of spontaneous. The wild and a little uncomfortable kind of spontaneous.
3. Take a road trip to a place you’ve never heard of.
4. Get a hotel room in your own city for a night and order room service.

moonlit hike

5. Take a moonlight hike.
6. Give an attractive stranger your phone number.
7. Drink champagne on a Tuesday.
8. Call that person you’ve been missing.
9. Sing a rock anthem at karaoke. Loudly and like you mean it.
10. Say “I love you.”
11. Go to Europe, or New York City, or Japan or whatever place you’ve been dreaming about all these years.
12. Get the french fries not the salad.
13. Wear bright yellow on a rainy day.

14. Call in sick and spend the day outside.

15. Explore your city like you just moved there.
16. Make art and share it with the public.
17. Visit your hometown. Go to your old stomping grounds and think about how much you’ve changed.
18. Stay for one more drink.
19. Ask for a raise because you know you deserve it.
20. Get a tattoo of something you really love right now. You will change, and that’s okay.
21. Send someone a letter just to say hello.
22. Bake cookies and share them with your coworkers.
23. Ask for help.
24. Play 20 Questions with someone you’ve known for years.
25. Take a class in something that has nothing to do with your job.
26. Move to a new country. Because you’re a surviver and will make it work.

rainbow hair

27. Dye your hair a bright color.
28. Eat popcorn for dinner when you don’t feel like cooking.
29. Tell someone about your wildest dream.
30. Go to a fancy restaurant just for dessert.
31. Kiss them.
32. Ask a hard question you’ve always wanted an answer to.
33. Play night games at your local park.
34. Sleep in and have breakfast in bed.
35. Decide not to worry about it. Believe that what needs to happen will happen and let it go.
36. Dance in the grocery store when a great song comes on.
37. Compliment a stranger.
38. Buy a box of crayons and color.

39. Change your name to something that sounds more like you.

40. Say exactly what you’re thinking even if it’s not a popular opinion.
41. Pick pleasure over security.
42. Leave your relationship when you aren’t in love anymore.
43. Believe in true love.
44. Believe in your dreams.
45. Believe in yourself.

Now I’m not suggesting that you sell all your worldly belongings, buy a bus ticket to Narnia and hope that you’ll find a place to lay your head at night, but I am suggesting that you give yourself the freedom to be more playful and impulsive.

Perhaps if you start with trying a new coffee shop tomorrow you’ll grow the courage to change your life. Move practicality out of the way and you just might clear the path for a completely ridiculous, completely possible dream to come true.



A Take-No-Sh*t List for Your Well Being.


Author: Dani Beutell

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photos: Alexandre Breveglieri/Flickr, Daniel Zedda/Flickr, Author’s Own

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