March 31, 2015

Ad infinitum: Where my Feet may Take me.

Walking alone

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

One day I will be doing exactly what I want to do—

That is the first thing that popped into my mind when I found myself alone and serene in the countryside. I was on vacation; I wanted to free myself from the noise of the city and the stress of my job.

During those fleeting solitary moments, I realized how mundane the last three years of my life had been: hardcore parties with friends every Friday night, spewing nonsense on reports in most of my classes, being confused about where to head in life, feeling lost and mediocre.

As I contemplated my life and the things I really want to do, I remembered my severe case of wanderlust, my love for Mother Nature and my passion for writing. And I imagined the free-spirited version of myself doing the things I long to do.

I decided:

I will go on a road trip.

I will let the wind blow my hair and caress my face; I will close my eyes as my car slowly comes to a halt. I will get off and be on my feet. I will walk.

I will walk into the path of wild and unknown. There is nothing more fearful and exciting than wandering in a place where no souls know who I am and discovering the sacred and untouched, following my own fascinations and dropping all the restraints peoples’ expectations have imposed on me. I will be all by myself.

I will let my feet carry me; I will get lost but not entirely lost. I may not know where I’m headed but every fiber of my being will unceasingly remind me of the very grain of my desire for exploration.

In my own pursuits of happiness, I know I will cross the roads of uncertain decisions and provoking challenges. There’s this flame inside us that drives us toward our dreams, and our desperation to fulfill it only sets it ablaze.

I want to be out there at the highest height of my free-spirit: delicate but taut. I want to meet people and see places. Real happiness cannot be touched by our bare hands nor can it be tasted by our wild mouths; it should be felt by the whole of our heart. That fleeting intensity will spark, and even in the darkest core of our existence it will continue to illuminate until we are all lit up.

I know I have to temporarily bid farewell to my small town, as I will conquer the enormous city and experience foreign cultures.

I will let the rush of my excitement pump my blood; I will let the wilderness chase me until I heave as if my lung is incapable of air. I will watch the sun rise on the east and bask in its beauty; I will listen to the rustle of leaves as dusk settles and lay out its familiar canvas of mesmerizing colors. I will watch as the moon and stars slowly appear in the vast night sky. I will wake up the next morning seeking new and different adventures: I’ll cross rivers, jump off cliffs, walk along winding roads, dance in the rain, explore uncharted soil. I will discover the rare and precious, and I will go as far as I can.

Adventures offer us pure freedom and a sole grip of where we’re headed. We all have a sense of adventure in us. This pull of the universe shall engulf our hearts like a wildfire.

As I write this, I remember that every day is a new chance for adventure. I am not a social machine oiled to function for lucrative pursuits, luxuries and other vanities. I envelop myself with the adrenaline of life’s lows and highs, and I make my walk a strive for infinite miles.



What if Wanderlust is the Destination.



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Author: Marijoe Fabi

Editor: Caroline Beaton

Photo: Flickr

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