March 3, 2015

These Instructions Work: A Reminder to Myself (and You, if you Choose).


Find a spot where you can watch the light enter the day.

Never forget to marvel that the Earth turns, that light refracts, and that you are a living, breathing, creature.

I will not command you to let go of anything—but for now, forget yesterday. It’s gone. You are right here.

For this moment, no matter your failings, your burdens, forgive yourself. Love yourself.

Breathe. Breathe deeper. 

Stretch your body. Reach out your arms as far as they will go. Bend over. The aches and stiffness are a reminder that—

you exist.

You belong here.

Resolve, whether you succeed or not, to follow George Saunders’ wisdom and err on the side of kindness today. To smile at strangers and open doors. To forgive others even just for the simple reason that it is better for you.

Know that you always have a choice.   

This morning you are watching the sun come up over the Caribbean Sea and emanating health. Remember this.

Be amazed.

Recall that a year ago, you stood in the rain, beside a different ocean, full of pain, and said thank you. Keep saying it.

Say thank you to the universe, to other people, to whatever you feel like believing in today—the earth, love, your son.

Taste your food. Every morsel. Rejoice in the way it feels in your mouth and your belly.


Do your best today, and then a little bit more.

You are enough.  

Remember to find some time to write, and some time to read.

Walk into this day now with boldness and the knowledge that you will carry out whatever you need to do.

Love hard. 


George Saunders on The Importance of Kindness:



3 Ways to Make A Woman Feel Truly Beautiful.


Author: Keeley Milne

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Author’s Own

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