March 22, 2015

Yoga for Your Butt.

Whether you want to be beach-bod ready or you just want a great new workout to spice up your routine, this video is for you!

Extended Cat Cows:

Starting on our hands and knees, we’ll extend one leg behind us. Push the heel back, pointing the toes down. Exhale and look down as we bring the knee in under our core. Try and give that knee a kiss! Then, we’ll inhale and look up as we extend the leg back out. Continue doing this, keeping the core tight and the leg strong and controlled. There is no need to swing anything.

When ready, step the foot forward between the thumbs into low lunge.

High Lunge:

Keeping the hips and shoulders squared off, we’ll inhale up to high lunge. Sink into the front knee and hold for a breath. On the next inhale we’ll lift everything up, the arms and hips, and then on the exhale we’ll take a twist and sink back down, really working the legs and thighs, as well as adding a touch of detox.

Warrior 2:

From high lunge, shift around into Warrior 2. Inhale up the arms and hips and exhale sink back down. Move with your breath.

Pin Wheels!

In Warrior 2, pin wheel the arms around while shifting the hips, shifting right into twisting high lunge. Then pin wheel the arms right back to Warrior 2. Stay low in the hips, working the legs, thigh, and butt.

Low Lunge:

Open the hips up by planting the hands down and lowering the back knee down onto the floor. This is a great stretch to lengthen the legs. From here, spin around and take a hold of the toes for an extra deep stretch.

Then do it all on the other side!

These moves are all designed to help us move, get us sweating, and lead us into fitness! Forget about bathing suits—this workout is great for your whole life!


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Author: Stacy Porter

Editor: Asheigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of author

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