April 1, 2015

Buenos Dias! Studying Morning in Tulum.


There’s something about meeting the sun as it embarks on its journey through a day.

Not just the casual glance through the comfort of a window, but really sitting with this bursting sphere of orange, yellow and red as it begins its ascent. Locking eyes with it and waiting to see who stares back.

Humbling and empowering all at once.


The experience is all the more amplified on a Sunday.

And, it’s all the more amplified in the sanctuary that is Tulum. Each time I visit this tropical melting pot of ruins and surf and cenotes and smiles, I find myself at once swept away by this vast sense of place. Out beyond the “tourista” menus and the get healed quick schemes and my delusions of what I need to accomplish, always such rich imagery to be contemplated in this land carved from a jungle.

And here, in this simple act of keeping the sun company on a Sunday morning I find a space in which to do so. Many common threads as I recall the chaotic terrain of my mind while en route to this oasis in the Yucatan and the field of bliss in which I now dwell.

Humbling and empowering all at once.



Buenos Dias
So very blessed…

Wrapped in the elements
Beams pierce through vapor
The breeze rippling palms

Salt water tumbles rocks
Currents raging, then hushed
Patterns at once familiar
Like my scuffed mind through plans and schemes

But no pouting from the sea
And, oh the sun’s optimism
Then there’s the wind… forever following through
Day in, day out

And so my weariness begins its pivot
Once a jungle, now an oasis
The fog burning off, and a cure sneaks up
Quenched, here in this simple study of morning…
All I really need to know.




 Rachel Brathen’s Favourite Daily Rituals.

Author: Susan Currie

Editor: Renée Picard

Images: author’s own



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