April 15, 2015

Tapping Into Fearlessness With the Aries New Moon.

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We’re all fighting for something and April’s New Moon, will help all of us get a little closer to victory.

With the sign of Aries dominating the scene, the push to be fearless and pioneering comes in steady and strong (especially because there’s a big hint of Taurus in the air). If you’ve been looking for a push to jump in feet first or take a stand on something important—this New Moon is just the ticket.

The astrological climate has been rough over the last month and the universe has pushed many of us into territory we aren’t too comfortable with. Some of us have been put in places where we have to stand up for ourselves, while others have had to embark on totally new territory. Most of us aren’t really that confident when traveling through the unknown. It’s scary to think about all the “what ifs” and the possibilities of how things could go wrong always come to mind first.

The sign of Aries, however, is different. He doesn’t think about all the things that could go wrong. He thinks about all the things that could go right, because he’s a pioneer. His energy is fearless, seeks out new territory to conquer and loves to be challenged. It’s an energy that likes to take a stand and fight for his rights regardless of the consequences. He simply doesn’t care what happens after the fact—he just goes after whatever it is he wants without a hint of fear in his eyes. That’s the beauty Aries.

All of us will have the potential to tap into too—with this Aries New Moon.

We all have a little (or a lot) of this Aries energy somewhere. This New Moon, peaking on April 18th, 2015, will help you to see the place where you can be fearless and fight for whatever it is that you’re looking to do. Even if you make the intention or promise to begin—you’re taking a fearless Aries leap.  You’re beginning the pioneering process which is precisely what this New Moon is all about.

For additional personal insight into how you can tap into this Aries New Moon energy, here are the themes in play for each Zodiac sign.

If you know your rising sign, you should read for that sign first.

Aries: The fearless fighter in you has been running high all month and this New Moon marks a great time to put yourself first and take a stand for something pertaining to you. This is a time to get a new look, start a new diet or do something to improve your health routine. Use your pioneering energy to start something to improve you.

Taurus: The energy of this New Moon could bring a surprise to the table but it will likely play out on more of a psychological plane than an event driven one. This is great time for setting some intentions for where you see yourself in the coming year—especially because your birthday is right around the corner! Your subconscious is heightened and this is time where you might make some discoveries about what you really want in the future.

Gemini: Friends and groups you belong to is the area where your fearless fighter comes out. This is a good time for you to begin something new with a friend or start some new friendships that you might have shied away from in the past. This New Moon also marks a time for you to set some new goals for yourself—including thinking about what your deepest hopes and wishes are.

Cancer: It’s all about your career and place in the public eye with this fearless New Moon. Use this Aries energy to help you begin something new in regards to your career or work. You might even be thinking of starting a new business or taking on a new career path of some sort. Promoting yourself or your business is a great thing to do with this energy.

Leo: Something new in regards to a trip, a foreigner or something of a spiritual nature comes to your door with this fearless New Moon. Higher learning, teaching and teaching are also highlighted. You may start something new in regards to schooling or teaching someone something. Self-promotion is also part of this area so if you’re looking to make a good impression or show off a little use this New Moon to your advantage.

Virgo: The theme of this fearless New Moon involves other people’s money, an investment, a joint resource or asset, inheritance or sexual activity. If you’ve been needing help from someone this New Moon could help you ask for it. You might even receive a gift—which is always something to look forward to. This could also mark a time of heightened sexual activity or a new intimate encounter of some sort.

Libra: This New Moon will help you be fearless in the relationship department. There’s a big focus on your marriage partner or someone you are very closely aligned now. Something new with them is in the process of beginning and your relationship becomes a major focal point as a result. There could be some sort of public display involving your relationship or people end up looking at you together—more than usual under this New Moon. If you own a business or seek out people to buy your services this New Moon is very good for attracting clientele.

Scorpio: Something involving a co-worker, a new project or home renovation could result out of this energizing New Moon. If there’s something that you’ve been aiming to do in regards to your health, habits, living or working environment—this is the time to set intentions for what you want in these areas.  A new pet or beginning something new with one that you already own could also be a theme for you.

Sagittarius: The realm of children, speculation, fun, dating & romance as well as your personal creativity are the themes of this fearless and pioneering New Moon. Something new in one of these areas could take root or you find yourself caught up in things pertaining to your children or children around you.

It’s also possible that you take a new look at your finances or investment portfolio. Also since you do have that essence of fun still around you—make plans to do something you really love doing.

Capricorn: You’re fearless and pioneering energy comes out on the home or family front. You might have an important event with a parent or something of a domestic nature. If you’ve been looking for a new home, this New Moon could be the planetary spark that helps you find it. It’s also possible that you encounter people of your past—even from another life (if you believe in that). Keep an open mind to new people coming into your circle around this time. If you feel like you’ve met them before—you just might have.

Aquarius: Something new involving a learning activity, a car (method of transportation), a sibling or relative, intense communications, short trip or events surrounding your neighbors could push your fearless energy to come out. This is also a great time to set intentions for yourself in one of these areas. If there’s something that you’re looking for to manifest in one of these areas—this is a great time to plant your seeds and ask the universe to deliver.

Pisces: Money and your personal possessions are focal points of this pioneering and fearless energy. Perhaps you decide to make a new big purchase and acquire something new. You might start a new endeavor to make money or start looking at what makes you marketable in the job market. There’s a focus on your finances and things that you value—which are not always money related.





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