June 9, 2015

More Silly Excuses for not Going to Yoga.

I’m in a hurry to get nowhere fast today.

A while back, at the risk of ridicule I wrote My Top 10(ish) Silly Excuses for Not Going to Yoga (Many of Which I’ve Used).

Thank the gods I’m not alone. Apparently, you can be just as un-energetic as me, and it doesn’t take much. It’s 102 in L.A. today. Need I say more?

I know it’s hellish outside. I know you don’t feel like it. And I know what you may be thinking: shall we take a leisurely stroll through the muck of excuses?

1. Today is Wednesday, and I didn’t go yesterday, so at this point it makes more sense to wait and try to go again Monday. The “waiting ’til Mondays to do things” strategy makes perfect sense; it goes hand-in-hand with “quitting things on Mondays.”

2. My class package might be expired. That would be embarrassing.

3. I know it’ll suck. Even though it never does.

4. There’s no food at home. I can’t come home to an empty kitchen. And even though there’s a supermarket on the way home, I’m just not going to feel like stopping after class.

5. …And now I haven’t eaten. Stopping at 7-11 for a Cliff Bar ain’t gonna do it.

6. I just washed my hair last night. I don’t want to get it all sweaty.

6. It’s pointless. Yeah, I can see why saving your organs, your inter-vertebral discs and your bones from crumbling into a pile of sad ashes by the time you’re 50 would be really stupid.

7. I haven’t shaved my legs. It’s a problem.

8. I can just go do the treadmill at the gym instead. I think we all know that’s not going to happen.

9. My ex-boyfriend might be there. He doesn’t do yoga, but the studio is kind of near his neighborhood.

10. The people at the studio are much stronger than me. Hmmm… I wonder why?

Wait, it gets better…

11. I’m pissed at the world today. OK, I might need yoga.

12. I’m pissed at myself for not going. OK, I definitely need yoga.

13. I stayed up too late writing this. And I promised my friend I would meet her at the 8:30 a.m. class tomorrow (true story). Crap.

Be honest, has there ever been a time when you made it to yoga—despite your burning desire to kick it on the couch with your dog and a Game of Thrones marathon—and ended up regretting it?

For me, in times when I’ve had to force myself to lift the 700lb mat and show up to class (which, I admit, have been plenty), all the while telling myself, “I’m going to hold back today… I’m going to hold back today…” I usually snap into the asana zone as soon as I walk in the door.

It’s weird. Those are the days I somehow end up having the practice ever.

Take that, lazy gods!



My Top 10(ish) Silly Excuses for Not Going to Yoga (Many of Which I’ve Used).


Author: Anne Clendening

Editor: Travis May


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