“Star Of Bethlehem” Visible for the First Time in 2,000 Years.


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Jupiter and Venus Dancing In The Sky Tonight:

If you missed the “Star of Bethlehem” phenomenon last night it will still be possible to see this clear and spectacular display for the next few days as Jupiter and Venus dance in the night sky. The best time to view is just after dark, looking just above the horizon to the North/North-West.

‘Double star’ moment for Jupiter and Venus in the night sky (via CNN).

Venus Jupiter Double Star

“Star Of Bethlehem” Visible on June 30th for the First Time in 2,000 Years.

On June 30th, Jupiter and Venus merged into what is known as a super-star.

The conjunction of these two planets has been building throughout the month of June and the result will be a dazzling bright spectacular on June 30th.

Sky & Telescope suggest that a similar rare conjunction of Venus and Jupiter may have been what was known as the “Star of Bethlehem” in 3-2 BC and since then there has not been a brighter, closer planetary conjunction. That means that this is the first opportunity of seeing it so clear for 2,000 years!

Jupiter and Venus are the two brightest planets and are often visible from most large city centres.

Throughout June, in the West it has been fascinating to watch the distance between the planet Jupiter and Venus reducing. Yesterday Jupiter was approximately the width of the moon away from Venus and tonight (June 30) the distance will reduce by half when Jupiter passes directly above Venus.

Venus and Jupiter will appear to be approximately one-third of a degree apart from one another. If we put our little finger up to the sky both planets would disappear behind it.

As the two stars appear to merge together they will look like an extremely bright and brilliant double-star in the night sky.

It is definitely worth a trip outside and if possible take along a pair of binoculars or a telescope for a better view. A good camera with zoom is also a great idea to capture this very rare sight.

When planet or star gazing it is always better to go to an area that is not lit up by streetlights as the darker the area that surrounds on earth, the more visible the spectacle is in the sky. Plus, we need to hope we have a clear sky so the view is not obstructed by clouds.

The best time to see the planets is not long after it has gotten dark and we need to be looking to the West-Northwest to view them.

Dr Hartigan explains, “After about two hours for most latitudes the objects will become difficult to observe as they begin to set. They are bright. You might mistake them for airplanes.”

Don’t miss this dramatic, rare and magical opportunity.

Many Christians see The Star of Bethlehem as a miraculous symbol of the birth of Jesus, however, there are many who see it as an astronomical event, such as, a pulsar, nova, comet or a conjunction that occurred at the same time as the birth.

Ancient Greeks, Romans and Hebrews believed that astronomical phenomena signified events that would happen on Earth, for example, the birth of important rulers or heroes.

Eastern Orthodox Churches and others view the Star of Bethlehem, which led the Magi, as an angel or supernatural being. They believe the angel was sent by God to present a guide for the Magi so they could find the way to the Christ child and lead the world to the dawn of a new light of knowledge.


In order to witness such a beautiful event next time this happens, Earth’s gotta be healthy enough for us to stick around:


Astrology real? Or bunk! A mindful reasonable pov:

How to be a true Christian:

Buddhist “Astrological Signs”:

For more:

Sky & Telescope: Venus and Jupiter: Together at Last.



Full Moon in Capricorn: get ready for Fireworks!


What your Favorite City’s Night Sky would look like without any Light Pollution.

Light Pollution: do we Look at the Heavens, anymore?

Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/MightyPirateThreepwood, Flickr/Waiting for the World



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Every time you read, share, comment or heart you help an article improve its Rating—which helps Readers see important issues & writers win $$$ from Elephant. Learn more.

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anonymous Jan 28, 2016 9:26am

On this day I Joyella Jacobs turned 32 and I find the prophecy that has been revealed to be the truth.

anonymous Jan 7, 2016 9:59am

The "star of Bethlehem"? Let's review what that ancient "star" actually did.

FIRST, it led some Magi, which are Babylonian priests, to Herod, the ruler who wanted to kill the child, so it led them virtually due west.

THEN, it led them from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, mostly south and a little west.

So, was it really a star? And who else reported seeing it?

anonymous Jul 6, 2015 6:17am

You might be interested in Story of the Stars.

It goes into great detail about what the stars and planets tell us (astronomy, not astrology – big difference).

Neat thing about Jupiter and Venus this round is that it happened in the constellation of Leo…according to another site

anonymous Jul 2, 2015 8:28pm

2000 years ago something happened. It was significant. So Significant, people worldwide defy the possibility. The possibility a child could, did, and continues to be the object of crucifixion. So significant, people around the globe seek to crucify, behead, burn, torture, and eliminate anyone believing a single child existed in the name of God. If this child had no Godliness, then why is there fear of the idea; that likely, is truth.

anonymous Jul 2, 2015 10:36am

Without taking a position about astrology, consider,

The earth and most celestial bodies have a magnetic field about them. Those fields are influenced by the magnetic fields of the other bodies, and, in particular for this discussion, the 'face' of the body exposed to any group of the others will be affected in different ways than the 'back' side is. As the earth passes through its circuit of the sun, it moves closer to and further away from the various aspects of the universe, sometime 'shielded by the magnetic field of the sun and sometimes not, exposing its surface to aspects of the universe in a manner that changes slightly, instant by instant in its annual cycle. The earth also spins on its axis in a 'daily' cycle, exposing its surface to aspects of the universe in a manner that changes instant by instant in its daily cycle.

Next, consider that the human body is an electro-magnetic entity too. As such, it interacts with every other electro-magnetic field that it interfaces with, and has the potential to be influenced by such fields. While in a mother's womb, a child is shielded to some extent by the mother's electro-magnetic field. At birth that sheild is removed. The brain, being the most concentrated place in the body for electro-magnetic activity, is then, the most affected part of the body.

At the instant of birth, a child is first exposed to the electro-magnetic influences of the universe, especially those influences that impinge directly on the child's field from the point in the sky directly overhead. This is why the date of birth that is nominally stated as one's 'horoscope date' is inadequate to establish a horoscope absent knowledge of the exact celestial time of day one emerged from the womb. It is at that exact moment when the electro-magnetic field of the child first encounters the electro-magnetic fields of the universe, and, supposedly, when a lasting imprint is made on the child, influencing the experiences and choices of the person they are. It is said that the 'horoscope' does not predict the future, but rather, it 'suggests', and in the absence of will-power and volition, conscious choice and 'course correction', has influence.

What do you think?

    anonymous Jul 2, 2015 7:06pm

    What? !..thats what I think

    anonymous Jul 2, 2015 11:11pm

    I think that gives a thinking person something to actually think about…. One day- hopefully all our questions will be answered in full but there is no doubt that there is something greater than just what we see, feel, and hear- and ultimately I believe God ( Jesus Christ ) is the Mastermind behind it all.

anonymous Jul 2, 2015 8:35am

Science: This converging in the sky is known as a conjunction. A conjunction between Jupiter and Venus is not unusual; the duo were last seen close together in the sky on August 18, 2014.

Fortunately, if you miss this sighting and you missed the one in 2014, Venus and Jupiter have scheduled another date for the morning of October 26, 2015. On this day, they will be separated by 1°. And if you still can't see this meeting, then next year, on August 27, the planets will reunite once again. Here they will be separated by a stunning 0.1°.

anonymous Jul 2, 2015 1:55am

Don’t read more into the story than what’s there, likewise don’t take away. Where do some people get their ideas?????
If you don’t believe in Gods ability to create the star of Bethlehem (however he did it, by an angel or such as 2 planets aligning such as these) then why believe it happened at all?

anonymous Jul 1, 2015 10:06pm

The Star of Bethlehem is when Venus and Jupiter comes so close that in the sky it looks alike one big star and think probably back then the planets didnt have names but they probably did not No that there was plants in our solar system but to them it looks like a big star yes the planetary alignments do happen but not this close for this bright

anonymous Jul 1, 2015 9:37pm

Venus and Jupiter go through a conjunction every couple of years. Not a big deal.

anonymous Jul 1, 2015 8:46pm

It’s the first of July and the stars are not that close yet…still about an inch to go. I also read one comment that says it will happen again next year on August 27. I hope that’s true because that’s on my birthday.

    anonymous Jul 21, 2015 12:08am

    I hope it shows up next year too because I missed it!

anonymous Jul 1, 2015 4:16pm

Three wisemen / magi?

Now who told you there were three? Not the bible. Just sayin…

anonymous Jul 1, 2015 2:43pm

Does anyone find it ironic that the birth of Jesus coincided with the Union of Jupiter and Venus

anonymous Jul 1, 2015 12:38pm

Star of Bethlehem

Any pictures of these two Planets conjoined to create this image of a Star

Please say yes

I’m curious

anonymous Jul 1, 2015 12:11pm

Was so glad ten people were here last night to see the Star of Bethlehem. I almost forgot to look. It was so bright and we all enjoyed seeing it. The sky was so clear and a big full moon. I'm glad we saw it!

anonymous Jul 1, 2015 9:38am

Will it be possible to see it again tonight?

anonymous Jul 1, 2015 6:35am

Please stop using “astrology” like its a science. Astronomy, maybe?

anonymous Jul 1, 2015 3:00am

I wonder if Jesus saw it!

    anonymous Jul 1, 2015 1:45pm

    Of course he did

      anonymous Sep 7, 2015 12:38pm

      If there was a real Jesus, he died like everyone else.

    anonymous Sep 19, 2015 2:14pm

    wops, missed it

anonymous Jun 30, 2015 11:26pm

Sorry to burst your bubble, but, this is totally false. "In fact, such conjunctions, or close pairings, of these two planets are not particularly rare. The orbit of Venus is tipped just 3.4° with respect to Earth's, Jupiter even less at 1.3°. So these close conjunctions are destined to occur. For example, the two appeared slightly closer together (though not as high up) before dawn last August 18th." (from this article, by S&T's Kelly Beatty) http://www.skyandtelescope.com/…/venus-and-jupi…

anonymous Jun 30, 2015 8:32pm

Omg – you crack me up, Michael.

anonymous Jun 30, 2015 8:22pm

Hey i want to see this. From nyc area. By the dipper?

    anonymous Jul 1, 2015 2:42pm

    look to the west. its very bright. you should see it easily.

    anonymous Jul 1, 2015 10:42pm

    Bil, yes same area as the Dipper. You'll see it, I just saw tonight first time, fascinating. Just after sunset 1hr

anonymous Jun 30, 2015 8:09pm

The “star” mentioned in the Bible was not for “three wise men” to find Jesus. In fact, the king sent out men by the droves to kill the infant Jesus because the religious leaders and political leaders…including the king…heard that “this Jesus” was going to do away with all of their kingdoms and set up his own. Doesn’t make much sense that God would advertise where Jesus was, now does it?

    anonymous Jun 30, 2015 8:59pm

    No, because I think God was an advertising major in grad school too!

    anonymous Jun 30, 2015 10:00pm

    Actually the three wise men were most likely very proficient astrologers and by such methods one could tell not only that a very great being was being born at that moment but his location as well. You would be shocked at what is possible with ancient esoteric knowledge in the proper hands. Most kings had for high astrologers working for them as well in the old times as well. Even today some of the more tapped in politicians use such astrologers as well.

    anonymous Dec 4, 2015 3:03am

    there is nothing in the Bible like three wise men;just wise men.the followed the stars due to their astrological predictions.and it came true.

anonymous Jun 30, 2015 7:55pm

Jupiter-Venus Planet-Conjunctions are not all that "rare". 2,000 YEARS? No. Bethlehem Star. No. But, it's still pretty cool. Tonight's conjunction is only .20 degrees of separation. The last Jupiter-Venus conjunction in that neighborhood was .58 degrees of separation in 1991. Definitely worth a look outside – it's gonna be impressive.

anonymous Jun 30, 2015 6:24pm

When the reindeer dances with the wolf you shall have eternal rage-peace.

anonymous Jun 30, 2015 5:45pm

Please don’t say “As the two stars appear to merge …” they are planets not stars.

anonymous Jun 30, 2015 5:21pm

Thank for the heads up on this super-star of love. You know if you follow it from Kanasas, Kathleen, that you end up here with me in California.

anonymous Jun 30, 2015 3:36pm

"…When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then Peace will guide the planets and LOVE will steer the stars…" –from the song, "AQUARIUS" by Rado/Ragni/McDermot, from the Musical "HAIR"

anonymous Jun 30, 2015 3:22pm

Where do you get “first time for 2000 years”?!! These conjunctions happen frequently, with this arrangement happening several times every century. Just because someone says something similar happened 2000 years ago, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened since.

And I’ve never heard any one called a planetary conjunction a super-star. Did you make that up?

    anonymous Jun 30, 2015 4:47pm

    It's the first time in 2000 years we will get the 'Star of Bethlehem' effect. Yes, the planets are in conjunction regularly, but not quite the same as this!

      anonymous Jun 30, 2015 5:42pm

      Actually, it’s only been about 15 years since it was this close. It’s thought to be a possible explanation of the events in 3-2 BCE. But they happen at this brightness quite often in the span of things.

      anonymous Jun 30, 2015 6:25pm

      Its happened before and will happen again a few years ago it was pretty close and very bright.

      anonymous Jun 30, 2015 7:38pm

      CBS news :They appeared slightly closer together before dawn on August 18, 2014, and they’ll be separated by about 1 degree before dawn on the morning of October 26th. During a remarkable conjunction on May 17, 2000, Venus and Jupiter were just 0.01 degrees apart – but too near the sun to be seen. Next year, on August 27th, they’ll dazzle again during an evening conjunction with a separation of just 0.1 degrees.

      anonymous Jun 30, 2015 8:09pm

      actually you are wrong , jupiter and venus converged even closer on may 17,2000 and aug 18,2014,and will again on oct 26, and next year on aug 27.

    anonymous Jun 30, 2015 7:33pm

    Study a little astrology Ben . You might be surprised at what you find out. Planets do align often. But these two planets have not aligned together in this close of a proximity in 2000 years . On the 29 of June they where as close together as the diameter of the moon. On the 30 th of June they was as close together as half the diameter of the moon . That's pretty darn close Ben and doesn't happen to often .

      anonymous Jul 2, 2015 9:53am

      Sorry, you should probably do some arguing yourself. They were this close in 2000 and they are going to be there times closer than they are now, next year at .1 degree separation as opposed to this .33 degree separation. This is a common occurrence

    anonymous Jun 30, 2015 10:01pm

    Not a rare occurrence. This event has happened several times in the last 2,000 years and beyond. This is normal and not a surprise. We have known for centuries about this. Don't Panic !_

anonymous Jun 30, 2015 3:07pm

Just in time for God to celebrate same-sex marriage in the United Sates, the “Star Of Bethlehem” will be visible on 30th June for the first time in 2,000 years.

Check all the stables for pregnant women!!

    anonymous Jun 30, 2015 8:43pm

    Don't waste your time, the poor kid is already aborted by now.

      anonymous Jun 30, 2015 10:39pm

      not laughing at your comment..laughing at Chaz's. 🙁

    anonymous Jun 30, 2015 10:38pm

    Ahahaa !LOL!!

    anonymous Jul 1, 2015 2:50am

    Um, I hate to tell you, but he won't be celebrating that.

    anonymous Jul 2, 2015 1:00pm

    Hows a gay women get pregnant anyway?

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