July 22, 2015

I Choose You.

I Choose You.

You are a choice.

One I make every single day.

I choose you to roam and grow with, wherever and however far from home our journeys take us.

I choose to share moments of magic with you as we explore the planet we walk on and the ones we look up to when the night arrives.

I choose you to be the one I swim with in the moonlit lake. I choose your company while hiking mountains or walking along sandy shores and to be the one I play fight, chatter and laugh with while we picnic in the park.

I choose you to be the one who touches me mind, body and soul and I choose to touch you and awaken every cell.

I choose to risk feeling your loss if one day you must wander and despite the fear I still choose you to be the one I adore intensely and without limit.

I choose you to see my imperfections, my insecurities, my madness and the reckless thoughts that I mask behind a nervous smile.

I will choose to sit comfortably with your darkness until you shine once more and I will light the treacherous paths you will sometimes stumble onto.

I choose you to wipe away my tears and I choose to catch and tenderly kiss yours.

I choose you to receive my love and I fearlessly choose to let you love me and stir me inside.

I choose your limbs to entwine with mine as our bodies merge as one.

I choose to allow my love and your love to make love…and f*ck. Until our minds slow down and the earth below us stills.

I choose you to be the one who feels how my body trembles, how my spine curves slightly and how my lips taste.

I choose to fall into your love with reckless abandonment.

I choose to let you be the storm that I trust to envelop me, to spin me, then take me to extremes.

I choose to let you see deep down beneath my flesh and into the unknown, so you can view the beauty and the abyss while I stand naked before your eyes.

And I choose to look inside you and see past the surface that regularly mesmerises me.

I choose you to be the one who feels how my wild and free heart pulsates and I promise to never tame or try to own yours.

I choose to look at all of you with courage and without backing away. You are a kaleidoscope to me, looking through you, I see who I am.

I choose to love you for all that you are, not for who I want you to be, and for as long as we are here.

And I choose to search for you harder and recognise you sooner in our next lifetime. That is not only a choice but also a promise.

I choose you. Infinitely.

Over and again.


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Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Pixabay

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Read 11 comments and reply

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