July 8, 2015

Let’s Only Ask “How are You?” If We Really Mean it.

winging it, janne

“How’s your day going?”

“Busy. Really busy. How’s yours?”

“Well. I’m grieving.”

The man working at the chippery held me in his eyes, got quiet and awkward and then he walked away.

He wasn’t quite ready to hear more than “okay” or “good.”

I don’t ask people how they are without intending to hold a space for however they are feeling.

I don’t want to hear someone’s “good” or “fine” or “okay.”

None of those are emotions.

I walk through this life transparent as f*ck.

I understand people don’t. Some people don’t want the transparency. Some people want you to go away without ever seeing you.

Some people may not even be tuned in to how they really are, either.

“I hope this helps.” He says as he passes me my poutine, fish and chips and strawberry milkshake.

“Thanks.” I say gently.

“We so often ask each other how we are. I wanted to tell you how I really was.” I continue.

“Thank you. That’s really cool,” he says.

There is compassion after the shock has passed.

We shared a look and a moment where we saw each other.

This is why I’m here.

I feel my life’s work is to be transparent. To be real. To be weak. To be messy. To not have my sh*t together. To have my sh*t together other days.

To feel powerless. To feel powerful.

There is space for us on this planet, however we show up each day.

And when we show up transparently, we create a space for others to do the same.

I refuse to ever mask how I’m showing up.

I am here to see others and I am here to be seen.





Author: Janne Robinson

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo credit: Bryan Tranminh


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Janne Robinson

Janne Robinson is a 21st-century feminist beat poet. Her voice haunts with the legacy of early feminists and poets such as Gloria Steinem, Charles Bukowski, and Jack Kerouac. Her no sugar shit prose cuts with the honesty and simplicity of Bukowski and the romantic reliability of Kerouac. Her poetry leads like a woman, walking with fire in the footprints of Steinem—breathing sexual liberation, choice, and overall championing women to their birthright of not only equality but leadership.

Robinson notoriously states that her career is to “share slabs of her heart for a living.” Her ability to capture the human experience with unrefined sincerity makes her an incredible force in the modern landscape of personal expression.

Her loyal following of enthusiasts on social media are there not only for her brutal honesty and lyrical grace but also for her lifestyle, which is a mirror of her devotion to joy and refusal to work to work to work to die. Robinson’s films and art shit on the societal “shoulds” and norms and encourage people to ‘build their own box’. She is an outrageous idealist and master at effortlessly marrying the life she wishes to live with her work, and this enrages and inspires many who believe they are trapped.

Robinson’s foray into directing and the multimedia world was in directing a spoken word poetry film in NYC involving 18 women reading the lines from her poem, “This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give a Fuck.” The film was a viral sensation online and was nominated for the 2016 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.

Janne is very much so crowning at the beginning of what is and will be a triumphant career, and she has begun so with the hearts of millions indebted and watching as it is rare to stumble upon a woman who makes revolution nature.

You can connect with her on Instagram or at her website.