July 13, 2015

Quitting Smoking? Is Vaping better?

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Forbes: “. . .vaping, at least so far as we know, is the most successful smoking cessation product any one has as yet invented. . .” 

The short answer: yes. The longer answer: yessss.

There was a well-publicized medical report that seemed to say it was worse than smoking. But the fact is, unless you’re vaping at an incredibly, distastefully high voltage, it’s far, far, far healthier. In fact, it might be the great exit out of a longterm smoking habit our society has ever seen.


“…In the study, the Portland State scientists ran the device at both a low voltage and a high voltage. At the low voltage, they did not detect formaldehyde. But at the high voltage, they found some. Formaldehyde is, indeed, a known carcinogen, which also exists, among hundreds of other toxic chemicals and dozens of cancer-causing agents, in combustible cigarettes. The authors concluded that someone who was a heavy user of a vaporizer at the high voltage was five to 15 times more likely to get cancer than a longtime smoker. Or so they seemed to say.

There is not much doubt that studies like this have an impact on the public perception of e-cigarettes. Even though cigarettes result in 480,000 American deaths each year — and even though it is the tobacco, not the nicotine, that kills them — many in the public health community treat e-cigarettes as every bit as evil. Every dollop of news suggesting that vaping is bad for your health, much of which has been overblown, is irrationally embraced  by anti-tobacco activists. One result is that, whereas 84 percent of current smokers thought e-cigarettes were safer than ordinary cigarettes in 2010, that number had dropped to 65 percent by 2013…”


Read This & Instantly Quit Smoking. 

What Smoking Really Does to Our Bodies. {Website}

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