August 15, 2015

Dear Couple Arguing Outside My Window.


I hear you.

So does everyone else, and it sucks where you’re at right now, especially for me.

Sure, you’ve all been out too late—as my phone reads a little after 3 am—and you sound like you’ve had a few too many tequila shots. For a minute, I pretend that you are a television left on too loud by a neighbor, but then I hear you yelling again.

The words are more like a diatribe, so I don’t really feel bad for you, but I do because we women should stick together.

And yet, I live in an apartment with guys, so every year I’ve begun to see the world through the lens of a guy’s perspective.

I wonder why you are so upset. Did he keep glancing at other women all night long? Did he make you pay for your drinks? Did he have a piece of snot hanging off his nose?

Obviously, I get that something backfired, and you’re yelling to make your point, but I see something from my vantage point, which you may not recognize in your moment of rage.

Here’s the key thing: he’s staying put.

For you.

He’s standing there in the flesh and blood trying to meet you halfway.

And so, forget about saying any more words tonight.

Forget about who is right and who is wrong.

Forget about the stupid little thing he did that p*ssed you off (unless it was a violent act, then get the hell out of there).

Put down the words being used as weapons, and look up at that gorgeous star-studded night sky. See those stars that don’t give a sh*t about your argument, so take some silent advice from them, and just let go of your fire.

Let go of your rage.

Please let go of trying to make any clear resolutions while your mind is intoxicated and your soul is confused.

Let the faint blue of morning sky become a blanket over your frustrations.

Sleep off the bitterness.

And later, in the afternoon sunlight, sit with a cup of coffee as you feel the way through your suffering to the roots of your anger, so you can become who you need to be; and most importantly, so you won’t wake me at three in the morning, again.


Author: Jes Wright

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: PDPics/Pixabay


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