August 18, 2015

Yoga for Tight Hamstrings.

I made this routine with athletes in mind, but I am sure all of the poses included will be helpful for anyone who has tight hamstrings.

Down Dog: Keep the legs active in those pose and press down through the heels, to really open the hips and legs. For an extra good stretch, be sure to gently pull in the lower stomach and lift up the sitting bones.

Down Dog Split: In Down Dog Split, people often keep the leg very stretch and press through the heel. This is an excellent stretch for the hips, but I recommend being the knee and really pressing open the hips and flexing the foot to get into the rest of the leg.

Low Lunge: With the back knee gently resting on the ground, try staying low by keeping the fingertips pressing into the ground to really get into the hips. That helps to bend the front knee more generously. Tip: try swaying side to side to keep the muscle loose.

Runner’s Lunge: Be sure to keep both feet flexed when sinking the hips back.

Intense Side Stretch: Keep pressing the hips up and stay strong and active in the legs.

Pigeon: Helpful tip: it’s nice to put a blanket or a plush pillow under the hips if the muscles are super tight.

Seated Ankle to Knee/Fire Log Pose: This pose is a great hip and outer thigh opener. To get into the hamstrings, be sure to keep the feet flexed, especially if folding over the legs.

As always, stay easy and be gentle with your body. Enjoy!



A Love Letter to My Hamstrings.


Author: Stacy Porter

Editor: Catherine Monkman

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