September 30, 2015

Feng Shui: Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind.

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Life is beautiful.

Sometimes we tend to forget the beauty of being alive. We become automatic people, doing the same things over and over again, taking granted everything around us. Most of us get so caught up in our thoughts and in our daily stuff that we do not realize a blossoming flower, singing bird, laughter of a kid, sunrises and sunsets.

While we distance from ourselves, we experience a lack of connection from life and our days start to be exactly the same as the previous ones. Trying to make a stand in life, we forget about our homes too, not appreciating our own sanctuary which brings us unhappiness and unawareness.

The best part is that we are fortunate enough to change any time and one of the ways to create change in our lives is through Feng Shui.

Feng Shui, in simple words, is the art of placement and arrangement of our surroundings to have the chi (life energy) flow smoothly, creating harmony and balance in all aspects of our lives.

Sometimes, chi can’t flow smoothly because unintentionally we clutter our surroundings, misplace our furniture, have unbalanced elements, and missing energy areas.

Good news is that these can all be fixed! Hence to start the process we will just need to open our Feng Shui Eyes. When we look at our environment with this consciousness, we will be able to tell a lot about ourselves.

If we want change in our lives, first we need to have the intention to change. Then we should choose a day to visit our homes as a guest. Using some of the tips below and listening to our inner voice we should write down the changes we would like to make.

  • If there are objects that pull our energy down, we need to get rid of them
  • If we feel like changing the place of our furniture, we should do so
  • Our main entrance is the place where the life energy will enter our house. It should be clean, free of clutter and welcoming
  • On our entrance door, let’s have symbols, objects, accessories that reflect us, for example a ‘welcome’ sign.
  • If there is a mirror placed just opposite to the main entrance, we must remove it, to keep the energy in the house.
  • Kitchen is considered the heart of the house, it should be clean and nourishing
  • For prosperity, all the burners on our stove must be used
  • Fresh flowers in the kitchen
  • In bedrooms, if there is a mirror against our bed where we can see ourselves lying down, place of the mirror or the bed needs to change
  • None of the beds should be in alignment with the door
  • We must create a space in our living room where our family and friends can entertain and be together
  • Use of only mirrors that are not stained, cracked and darkened
  • If someone is single and looking to have a partner, he/she needs to get rid of all single objects, artwork of lonely woman/man, needs to have two bedside tables and two matching night lights
  • Use our inner voice to make any changes

Once we have our list, we must start from the easy ones.

One of my favorite philosophies of Feng Shui is “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it,” meaning if you are happy with your life, don’t change anything.

However if that small voice within is telling you “it’s time for a change” then open your Feng Shui Eyes and visit your home.







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Author: Eda Birol

Editor: Renée Picard

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