The Qualities to look for in a Life-Mate.

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We’re not looking for love, we’re not looking for friendship, we’re not looking for sex…we’re looking for all three—we’re looking for a partner. Here’s a reminder of qualities that might be overlooked once in awhile and can be helpful in an in-depth, meaningful relationship:



Love is Selfish.

What to watch out for:


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5 Responses to “The Qualities to look for in a Life-Mate.”

  1. TMM says:

    I just found a perfect partner with all the characteristics you said and more, however, we are in disagreement in one aspect, he has already two children and he does not see him having more. I am 34 and don´t see myself resigning today to the option of motherhood. It is heartbreaking.

  2. Yes it is. This is probably the hardest relationship issue there is. I am sorry that you must work thru this. Being a parent is a very wonderful life experience.

    • TMM says:

      Thanks Genevieve for your reply. Although we broke up we are still in contact and next week we are getting together to talk. The only real thing I know is that, whatever the final answer is (no, yes, i don't know ¿?) is that I won´t keep any feelings inside and just let go and say everything. I am divorced (without children) and one of the things I learnt after my divorce is the importance of communication and to let the other know what it is going on with you, to express yourself, to don´t keep your feelings inside. Thanks for your publications, they are deep and enlightening.

  3. Bren says:

    "Basic aspects of life have to work with the basic aspects of their life"…examples of basic aspects are?

    • elephantjournal says:

      Like, wanting to live in the same city. Very basic things. The rest can be worked on, and our weaknesses and strengths can be complementary, and part of the fun.

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