September 29, 2015

What the Color of our Clothes Says about our Personality.

How we dress ourselves is a personal choice and a form of art; the clothes we choose to wear send out subliminal messages that can be used to interpret our personalities.

Colors are a visual stimulus and they can inspire and energise, or enhance aggression, passion and calm. Some even believe that we don’t just see colors, but that they have such a significant impact on us that we feel them too.

Just as a bird’s feathers have bright colors to attract a suitable mate, many people also choose to adorn their bodies with certain colors to appear more attractive and show individuality. Clothes can also give us a confidence boost—if we are comfortable and feel good in what we wear, our attitude and mood reflects this outwards.

We often choose colors subconsciously, however, and the colors we wear can also enhance or dampen our moods. The colors we wear depend a lot on how we are feeling mentally or emotionally at a particular time and can be a reflection of what phase we are currently going through.

The colors of our clothes also change to reflect the seasons. For example, in the summer we wear lighter brighter shades and during autumn and winter we switch to warmer and darker tones.

The color of our clothes can show both strengths and weaknesses and can leave us vulnerable to being assessed without even realising it.

Here is a guide to the colors we wear and how they represent our state of mind.

Black. The most popular color choice for clothing and also a versatile and timeless one. It sends out a strong statement of power, sophistication, elegance and it is also the color chosen to express control and authority. Black also is the reflection of an analytic mind, independence and someone who is very strong willed.

Blue. Blue signals trust, positivity, peace and loyalty. Those who chose the color blue live according to their truth and do not allow others to sway them from their chosen paths. They are often geniuses with a unique way of thinking and can easily make conversation with others and relate to them on an eye-to-eye level. Blue is also a sign the person is witty and has a good sense of humor and someone who is very quick off the mark.

Researchers found that those who were blue are more creative, more likely to think outside the box and more likely to explore. They also found the color represented openness, tranquility and calm.

Brown. Brown is the color associated with authenticity, reliability and trust and a need for the simple things in life. It can show a genuine nature and a person who is well balanced, emotionally stable, intelligent and sound of mind.

Gray. The color of balance and neutrality, people who choose this color can wear it to show sophistication, however, too much gray can be a sign of dullness and depression. When mixed with other complimentary pale shades it can give off a air of relaxation and comfort encouraging the wearer and those around them to feel at ease.

Green. A color symbolic of nature and wide open spaces, giving off a soothing, healing effect and encourages deep breathing. Green also shows a calm, relaxed and refreshed state of mind. Someone wearing the color green is also very charismatic and cares deeply and is very sensitive towards the feelings of others.

Orange. This is a positive, energising color and one that shows a deep desire to socialise and also a need to be interactive. They are usually well liked and find it very easy to start new conversations and make new friends.

Pink. Shows a desire to be liked and loved by others and also willing to give out unconditional love and affection. It is also associated with femininity, and many men choose to wear it to show they have balance and are in touch with both their masculine and feminine side.

Purple. A rich and luxurious color that can be a symbol of wealth, royalty and romance and it can also be a sign of inner depth, a strong intuition and spirituality. It also shows an interest in the arts, so those wearing this color are often artistic, creative and deeply sensitive.

Red. This is an intense, bold and dominant color that symbolises aggression, impulsion, passion and sensuality. It is empowering and can give us added confidence and shows an extroverted and bold personality, however, it can also draw romantic attention that may not always be welcomed.

A study carried out by Pazda, Elliot, and Greitemeyer showed that men perceived women who choose to wear red as more sexually receptive and that it also contributes to romantic attraction between men and women. The study also found it was a powerful stimulus for the environment as it enhances the mating game both for human and non-human primates.

White. White is a sign of purity, goodness, cleanliness and simplicity and a color that has a positive effect on people. People choosing the color white are often open, courageous, sincere and confident.

Although no formal research has been done, a radio show noted that men found women who wore white jeans to be communicating a “forbidden hello.” Basically, some men find white jeans very appealing as they believe that white jeans shout out that women have body confidence and also that a woman is not currently in the process of her monthly cycle.

Yellow. This color sparks intelligence and inspiration so it is a great color to be worn when an added boost is needed for work, study or exams. It is also a color that can lift our energy and puts us in a feel-good mood. The color signifies a rational state of mind and someone who finds it easy to concentrate and is consistent and logical.

Our wardrobe color choices can be sending out cues that studies found spark a psychological reaction that can be found across all cultures, regardless of pre-conditioned beliefs about certain colors.

Although we should never have to alter our color choices to suit how people surrounding us respond to them, it is good to be aware that they may be the cause for receiving extra attention or for people to tread with caution around us.

It is also a good point to remember that we may also be attracted to others or react instinctively purely based on being sub-consciously misled by the color of fabric that is being worn by them.

Although we often choose to wear colors simply because we are attracted to a certain shade and it is an instinctive choice, what we may not realise is that the attraction is based on how we are feeling emotionally or mentally at that present time.

It is possibly also the reason why we can wear a certain outfit on a particular day and feel amazing in it, yet another day we can try the same outfit on and feel completely out of sorts. The colors we wear align with how we are feeling and if there is conflict between the two, quite often the outfit just won’t feel right.

If we have a strong dislike for a color, it is often because that color is a representation of a weakness so we hold negative associations towards it. We may have had a bad experience wearing a certain color, so therefore, avoid it at all costs.

It may be that a particular color is the opposite of our personality type and that’s why we choose to avoid it at all cost. We can strengthen our weaknesses by choosing to implement a small amount of the color we are repelled to, so we can begin to break down the fear.

The colors we choose are a reflection of the colors of our aura (our energetic field). We can balance our emotions by choosing an array of colors that reflect not only how we are feeling now, but also how we wish to be feeling. Colors are empowering and can help us to achieve a calm state of mind, as they are effective at stimulating and balancing our senses.

Although many people swap and change colors regularly, the color we come back to time and time again, especially a color that feels especially comforting, is usually the one that is the greatest clue to our true personality type.

Clothes are one of the things that send out the first impression to others and as Faber Birren, an expert on colors states, 85 percent of clues are non-verbal. Therefore, it is quite likely the colors we are wearing are subliminally telling other people far more about ourselves than we possibly realise.

We should always dress how we want to dress, regardless of how other people perceive us. However, knowing the effect that colors can have on emotions can help us to learn a lot about ourselves and also help us to understand a little more about those around us.

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