October 22, 2015

30 Little Somethings: Reminders for your Heart.



Life is a tricky thing to handle sometimes.

It happens as moments tumble on through without pause, never waiting for us to catch up, but trusting that eventually, we will—simply because we must.

In the rush of it, we often forget the stuff that keeps us rolling along when all we want to do is stop. Each of us copes with that urge differently, and the consequences pan out in accordance with our actions or lack thereof.

In my experiences, these little reminders have stood the test of time, offering a world of depth in their succinct bursts of universal truth. Perhaps they can offer the same for you:

  1. You can’t build anything without starting at the bottom (or, many times, even further below).
  2. How you fuel the fire determines the quality and duration of its glow.
  3. Being afraid has a purpose; being brave has a bigger one.
  4. Being brave has nothing to do with not being afraid.
  5. Being brave almost always means that you are, in fact, afraid.
  6. The bigger picture is always made up of smaller ones.
  7. The truth sounds the same in a whisper as it does in a scream.
  8. Your definition of love is the only one that matters.
  9. The most profound learning occurs at the point of utter despair.
  10. Pain inspires creative change, the impetus for transitions into better ways.
  11. Retrospect asks how you ever made it; prospect, if you ever will.
  12. You are allowed to be broken.
  13. You are allowed to mend.
  14. There’s no point in wearing shoes in which you can hardly walk.
  15. If it makes you uncomfortable, try to see it differently.
  16. If it makes you uncomfortable more than three times, it’s not for you.
  17. If it makes you sad even once, it’s definitely not for you.
  18. Curiosity won’t kill you; stifling it will.
  19. Beware of boxes, and if you find yourself inside one, get the f*ck out.
  20. Walk away from those who demand your silence.
  21. Trust your voice.
  22. Listen to yourself.
  23. Listen to what hurts you.
  24. Listen to what heals you.
  25. Remember to breathe big breaths, read good books and take hot baths.
  26. Remember to keep going.
  27. If you’ve reached the top, say “thank you.”
  28. If you’re still climbing, say “thank you.”
  29. If you can’t even find the goddamn mountain, say “thank you” (and keep looking).
  30. You’re probably doing better than you think you are.


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Author: Sara Rodriguez

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Author’s Own


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