October 21, 2015

A Simple Routine to Strengthen Your Core.

Author's own (Stacy Porter)


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A lot of us come to yoga wanting to target some “problem areas” in our bodies.

We want flat abs or stronger arms or just to be able to fit more comfortably in our favorite jeans again.

But, the body works better as a whole. We don’t walk with just our legs. We don’t stand with just our feet (and I don’t mean handstands). It takes all of our strength to stand perfectly still. It takes balance, which means having a strong enough core to hold ourselves up when gravity wants to push us down.

This yoga routine is designed to build a foundation, a strong core, but it’s not just focusing on the abs!

This routine will challenge the body by engaging different muscles, including the mind. It’s meant to help you learn focus, to be disciplined, and to always be able to laugh even when situations get sticky or difficult.

Balance isn’t just for a yoga mat.

Balance isn’t just tree pose or other crazy variations.

Strength isn’t just boat pose/navasana or handstands.

Strength isn’t just for working out.

We need balance and strength in all areas of our lives and yoga is meant to be practiced on and off the mat. It’s more than just poses. So I invite you to try this routine, to sweat, to be challenged, and to have fun as you build a stronger yoga practice on the mat, and to then take what you learn—take that discipline, dedication and ability to stop taking things so seriously into the “real world”, off your mat.


Let me know how it goes!




Author: Stacy Porter

Editor: Caroline Beaton 

Image: Author’s own 

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