October 28, 2015

Downward Spirals: Why we Can’t just Treat the Tail End of our Symptoms.

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In 14 years as a colon hygienist, I’ve never once been questioned by a doctor about what I’ve seen coming out from clients.

I’ve given colonics to doctors and nurses of every specialty, but none has asked me a question about what I have learned.

If they asked, I would say that most diseases which are diagnosed, fall within a pattern of previous, yet subtle manifestations. Simple things, like exhaustion or brain fog or dark circles under the eyes. Once a disease manifests, it’s something that’s four or five levels deep. It requires research, really on the part of the patient, to unravel it.

I call the progression to disease a “downward spiral.” If one treats only the tail end of it, like what shows up in blood work, or a scan, then it will keep returning because what’s lurking deeper remains.

For example, high triglycerides. Treating that with a statin drug does nothing to address excessively sticky cholesterol. Reducing animal fat in the diet addresses less than 20 percent of where cholesterol is sourced. Switching to vegetable oils and margarine, causes other internal toxicities leading to even higher triglycerides.

So, high cholesterol is a liver issue. It’s not an arterial plaque or a heart issue. Harm to the heart is what’s downstream in the causation by something else.

If a medical patient were to study it for themselves, they might learn that diet affects the liver’s health, particularly fats. And that fats translate into molecules, atoms, and electrical charges. When cholesterol was “first recognized” by medicine as something behind heart disease, patients were told not to eat eggs, particularly the yolks.

Here we can trace the path of internal triggers to external stimuli and cultural paradigms. It’s helpful to know how we got to where we are, to get to where we want to go.

Certain food corporations realized there was a market for “fat conscious” consumers, so they created “egg-like” products, such as Egg Beaters, made from egg whites. How in God’s name could the molecules comprising the whites from factory-farmed eggs help anybody overcome a toxic liver? Basically, those chickens have been eating something akin to the cheapest brand of cat food, and the bird converts that to its egg.

People may say, “I thought you just said that diet doesn’t matter.” That question then skips the steps I just also stated. The “egg-like” or other low cholesterol products may congest the liver, where most cholesterol originates, so the diet itself doesn’t lead directly to high cholesterol or high triglycerides, but potentially to a constipated liver producing excessively sticky cholesterol, leading to arterial plaque and heart disease.

Crappy food inventions touting their support of some lame aspect of the medical paradigm are usually just squeezing the balloon at one end, causing the other end to inflate. Low carb, zero cholesterol, low salt, zero grams of you-name-it. Gluten free, too. Campbell’s soups are the worst, for this type of “heart healthy” wizardry. That’s ink they’re selling! A label!

Then doctors switched their opinion by saying eggs are good for you. That’s interesting. Which is it?

Most people don’t realize that there are four types of eggs. There are eggs which come from medicated chickens which consume animal fats (eyeballs, brains, skin, reproductive organs) in their diet. There are medicated chickens which consume a vegetarian all-grain diet. Those are both bad. When I say “bad,” I mean, lacking in essential nutrients, plus passing along farm medications into the egg. Plus, these birds are borderline ill themselves, so their cholesterol is off too, which passes inferior fat into the egg yolk and white.

That’s two types of eggs, both bad.

We might ask, “Where is the market for utilizing the inedible parts of animals?” Because, there’s a lot of those parts! If there are four types of chicken eggs, there are two types of other farmed animals. What those animals eat, also matters. Why? Because poisons pass through fats and we are hoping to avoid such things being passed down from one animal to another to another to the human, which is you.

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What cleanses the planet for an optimal environment is sunshine, fresh air, oxygen, friendly microbes and their waste products, and green plants containing chlorophyll. What most conventionally-farmed animals lack is all of those exact things. Instead, these animals are consuming GMO corn and soy grown with poisonous pesticides and fertilizers, plus removed from sunshine, and medicated such that friendly microbes are wiped out. Thus, these poisons collect and build up, passing from one slaughtered animal into the feed of another.

Mother Nature has virtually no access to assist them in their dark prisons and then humans eat that.

These poisons are totally alien to something like a chicken, poisons which are purged internally via the egg.

The second type of animal is either wild or pastured, eating green grass free from pesticides and artificial petroleum-based fertilizers, out in the sun and fresh air, not medicated and therefore home to friendly bacterial life which detoxify and purify the animal from within, plus convert the grasses and plants eaten into even healthier nutrients which serve to energize and build all life and future generations. Those animals—you could eat their brains, or other parts, and it’s okay if they’re fed to other animals down the food chain in a non-vegetarian universe.

It’s actually a simple flow chart.

“Egg Beaters” and such products are just at the end of the wrong flow chart, as far as what’s properly edible for a human seeking to support their liver, in turn to support a healthy cholesterol profile. What a statin drug does to “support a healthy cholesterol profile” is to jump into the wrong flow chart to try to compensate for a person living at the bottom end of this wrong flow chart.

Again, factory farming is part of the flow chart in which you do not want to participate in. And from which you have the option to opt out of.

The third type of egg is organic. Organic eggs are better in terms of lacking poisons transferred from the chicken’s diet into the egg. However, these are generally 100-percent grain fed, while chickens are foragers, eating lots of bugs, grasses, pebbles, seeds, and plants. Even “free range” chickens don’t get that.

Pasture-raised chicken eggs, the fourth type, are a deep orange color due to chlorophyll in their diet, which helps the chicken to have a healthy liver herself. Therefore, the pasture egg with an orange yolk is not the same product as the other eggs at all.

When doctors tell patients that eggs are bad for their cholesterol, then say eggs are good, but don’t differentiate between the nutrient and fat profiles as what’s behind their change in policy, then something else is up. We are aware of lobbyists which sway politicians, but we don’t imagine that lobbyists would be interested in reaching influential organizations like the American Medical Association or that the egg industry would even have lobbyists.

Egg lobbyists must be behind why doctors tell patients that eggs are good for them, but never distinguish between the types of eggs. Patients should understand that there are four types of eggs, one might think, because it’s all so simple. Four basic types of eggs is not very many kinds to know! Plus, each type is so very different, producing different effects within the human body when eaten.

For the student of their own health, they might learn that essential fatty acids are good for their liver, which improve cholesterol profiles in humans per clinical studies. EFAs are part of the fat content of pasture-raised eggs, but EFAs are not in factory farmed eggs at all. So, eating pasture-raised eggs are good for health, while factory farmed eggs are not (and never will be).

Then, we think in terms of society, the vast quantity of eggs which are consumed on a daily basis and imagine that it would not be possible to be so caring as to provide pasture-raised eggs everywhere to everybody. We think—my gosh, eggs are served in school lunches, to the military, in prisons, at hotel free breakfast bars. Then you realize the travesty.

(And really, the need for anti-cholesterol medications in general society.)

The travesty is or the average human liver, and the heart disease, produced by sticky cholesterol, from the cycle of eating factory-farmed eggs dropping out at the bottom of the wrong end of a flow chart.

Plus, the statin medications often used to treat high cholesterol deplete the human’s muscle tissue of something important called coenzyme Q10. Lacking coenzyme Q10 is bad for the heart. Many doctors know this, prescribing medications depleting coQ10, while failing to explain anything about that distinction, either.



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Author: Scott W. Webb 

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Sodanie Chia/Flickr, Kai Schreiber/Flickr


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