October 25, 2015

Drawing Down the Moon. A Magical Ritual.

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When I first began to practice the Tradition of the Wise Woman, I was fascinated with the ritual of Drawing Down the Moon.

I’d always been sensitive to moon energy, and performed my best magic tapping into it. My strengths, as a magic worker, could only be accentuated by the Goddess of the Moon.

If you crave change in your life, then this ritual is for you. You can practice it on the full moon and also three days prior and following.

The full moon traditionally is the time for banishing, curing and purging of unwanted habits and situations. This is a good time to ponder the excess in your life. This can be material excess, like a cluttered house, or too many bad habits or even relationships.

One can also purge nagging ailments. Yes, I speak to my physical body and invite anything I do not wish to “house” to leave. The body is programmed for healing and incredible as it may sound, sometimes just the intention to lose a physical discomfort can be enough for me to banish it. Intention is the most powerful tool in my magical practice.

If you have already performed magic or set intentions at the New Moon, you will find those intentions culminating at the Full Moon.

But no worries of you have not. Full Moon magic is just as powerful as a stand-alone practice.

The Full Moon brings clarity and focus into our lives. Use this time to delve into your deepest-self, uncovering your own mystery and seeking a deeper knowledge about your life path.

Drawing Down the Moon.

When we draw down the moon, we pull the essence and power of the Full Moon Goddess into ourselves.

It is one of my favorite practices. It provides me with renewed strength for the month, both physically and mentally, while solidifying my spiritual connection with the natural world.

Be prepared for a heightened physical experience, including a sense of energy surging.

Since Samhain (All Hallow’s Eve) is a few days after the full moon this month, you can be sure to tap into the thinning of the veil between this world and that of Spirit.

It is the most powerful time of the year, and so, I encourage you to reach out for the inspiration that will flow into your awareness during this ritual.

Drawing down the moon, for the practiced wise woman or wizard, can involve a more complicated ritual of first casting a circle and working within the protection of that space. It can incorporate the company of one’s familiar, (this year my familiar, a black cat named Jaguar, will be with me in spirit as he recently passed away), and can precede other magical work appropriate for that day—usually something of a more serious nature—such as banishing an addiction.

However, I feel that magic should be accessible to all, with a few exceptions where an experienced magic worker is required. When I first began to practice magic, I sought out ways to tailor it to my own skill set and understanding, and was grateful for the teachers who showed me that magic was not for an elite group but was our inherent nature.

So the simple ritual that follows is for anyone who is willing to honor the power of nature and our connection to it.

If it sparks a deeper interest in Wise Woman ways, so be it.

Magic is like prayer—a way to co-create with the powers that be.

Except that I am not begging a deity for anything, nor trading favors (I’ll do this if you give me that), nor commanding or demanding in any way. It is simply sending out an intention and expecting it to materialize into the physical world.

As above, so below—a basic alchemical tenet. This should always be your basic route to manifesting anything. Anything available in the world of Spirit is available to us on the earthly plane.

The Ritual.

1. Cleanse yourself before the ritual by taking a bath or shower. You can play music that will help you align to the spirit world, or put you in a more meditative state. My ritual is a bath, meditation and smudging with cedar, sage and sweet-grass. Almost always, I include candlelight during the bath to draw in any spirit guides, from beyond, as my helpers. I also decide on my intention for the evening.

2. If you like you can dress the part of the goddess—in a long, flowing dress or, if so inspired, commune with Luna naked.

3. You can begin with a simple prayer to Selene (Goddess of the Full Moon) or if not, perhaps just an inner contemplation of the Goddess will do.

4. Stand in Goddess pose—feet apart, face raised to the sky, indoor or out, heart chakra open.

5. Raise your wand or athame in your right hand, then clasping your hands together and pointing at the moon say these words:

I draw the power of the moon goddess unto myself, I merge with her essence—we are one.

6. Allow your energetic vibration to increase and the power of the moon to enter your hands or your wand. Don’t rush, feel Luna working her magic.

7. Next, bring the wand down slowly and point the tip at your heart, or if using your hands only, your fingers will directly touch your heart center.

8. Envision the blue-silver light of the moon entering your physical body and coursing through your entire being, into your bones, muscles, veins, and all the spaces in between. While doing this you will also be energizing other layers of your being such as your emotional and astral body.

9. When you feel the energy drawn from the moon subsiding, bring your arms down to your sides and bask in the gift of having been empowered by the Goddess of the Moon.

If you wish to perform a specific spell, this would be the time to do it, while you’re vibrating at a higher frequency.

If not, place the wand in your left (receiving) hand, sit down and meditate briefly or for however long you wish to embody the energy further. At the end of the meditation, place your palms on the floor and ground your power.

Over the next few days and weeks, observe how much more motivated you are to create a new reality for yourself. Thank the Moon Goddess for her assistance with your plans. Journal about any revelations, thoughts or miracles in your life.

This ritual is one way to empower yourself towards a mindful and rewarding future.

Blessed be.



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Author: Monika Carless

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock 

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