November 11, 2015

Change is Inevitable: A Pledge to Repeat Every Day.

Beverly Nguyen/Unsplash

“Change is the only constant.” ~ Heraclitus

I love this quote. It sets me thinking every time, can we really hold onto a single moment forever?

No, not really. Everything is in a constant state of flux.

The sun rises and sets. There is high and low tide. A seed turns into a plant, and it turns into a tree. The flower blossoms and then dies. The water evaporates to form the clouds, and the clouds turn into rain that flows into the rivers flowing down the mountains.

The list is endless.

Every moment is unique, so let’s learn to cherish it. By surrendering to life, we allow it to happen on its own.

Keeping this in mind, every morning when we get up let us take this small pledge:

Every day, I surrender to the divine will
and promise to be quiet and present.

Every day, I greet every moment with joy,
opening my heart to be vulnerable
to the vastness of my infinite universe.

Every day, I resist the urge to control life,
letting myself drift as my story unfolds.

Every day, I learn to trust and believe again
to be kind and loving first to myself.

Every day, I connect to sources of energy,
tapping into my infinite source of wellness.

Every day, I let go of all my buried fears,
taking a quantum leap into the unknown.

Every day, I breathe in abundance and peace,
watching my breath dance in and out.


Have a beautiful morning every day of your life!


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Author: Ankita Siddiqui

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: petradr at Unsplash // Beverly Nguyen at Unsplash


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