November 9, 2015

Conception Ritual for a Fertile Womb.


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The instinct to create is deeply embedded within our genetic blueprint.

I believe that because we are fragments of the Divine, manifesting from the world of Spirit into the physical realm is a natural urge.

We all make art—paint, dance, write, sing, birth babies. Every one of these things is an expression of the love impulse.

The womb, like the ocean, is a cauldron of all creation. What mysticism it is to be able to join a Spirit Being from the Other Side and knit them a physical body inside our womb?

When I was aching for a little person, I was poignantly aware of what a miracle it would be to conceive.

Not everyone wishes to do so, and I also greatly admire women who know their own hearts enough to determine that. We all give birth  and contribute to the consciousness in a myriad of ways.

However, for those women who struggle with the conception of a child, I would like to offer a magical rite that I have performed for friends and clients. There are many factors that contribute to being able to conceive and the power of intention is not the least of them.

Sometimes we forget that anything is possible. Physical factors aside, intention and state of mind are the most powerful tools on our manifesting journey. And I have seen for myself that many times, intention can overcome the biggest physical stumbling blocks.

So while I am not promising that this rite will result in a much wanted pregnancy, I am saying that trying it can only make your intention stronger.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill

The conception ritual that I have most successfully used is one taken from The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries by Zsuzsanna Emese Budapest. If you happen to be studying magic, this book must be part of your education!

Some things to keep in mind:

Determine when you are at your most fertile. Aside from the natural cycle of fertility determined by ones biology, there are also influences of the moon and aspects of your astrological chart. Please consult with an experienced astrologer who can help you with this, preferably one who has good reviews in this area.

Choose a fertility Goddess that you would like to work with and begin inviting her into your dreams and your physical realm. There are many. Aphrodite is one as is Brigit and Mary, but each culture has their very own, so if you are of African background, as an example, you could call upon Ala or Igbo. Do a little research and find one that seems like a natural ally.

Take good care of your body, using exercise and a clean diet to physically support your emotional and spiritual intention.

Zsuzsanna further explains about the symbolism of the frog/toad and snake in fertility rites, which I have found to be very interesting. Amphibians and reptiles are early forms of life and their stages are repeated in each segment of human gestation. The embryo first swims like an amphibian and like the snake, undergoes a period of transformation at birth.

When we conceive, the evolution of man is repeated within the womb, including our emergence from the ocean of our mother. Isn’t that a deep mystery?

We can use snake and frog symbolism to keep fertile, in any part of life, not only when desiring a child.

When I first started out on birthing writing as a way of life for me, I began to collect toads with crowns on their heads. Like the fairy tale of a frog being transformed into a prince with a kiss, I liken the imagery to my own transformation as I progress in my writing. The ‘kiss’ is the intention.

It has truly been powerful for me and may work for you.

Engaging in a magical ritual opens the heart. You may run into opposition from others, and this is natural. If you feel that you need to protect the energy around the ritual from negativity, which I think is very important, then share only with those who will support you.

Listen to what your heart and intuition tell you.

Gathering the energy of other women who are empathetic to your cause is also lovely. An evening of sharing food, music, and stories about their own conception and birthing process can raise the energy around your own effort.

The Ritual (adapted from The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries)

1. On a pink piece of paper, draw your own version of the snake/toad symbol, using red ink, the color of action.

2. In the middle of this image, write “my own child.”

3. Make a doll out of red flannel, and give it features, eyes, nose, mouth, hair.

4. Before you sew up the doll’s body, sew into it your fertility charm drawing, neatly folded into four parts, each time folding it towards yourself, saying:

“Mine is the power of the Goddess
Mine is the blood that grants life
I am calling on the new soul to enter
I am giving the new soul life divine.”  ~ The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries

5. Repeat this four times each time you fold. Finish sewing up your doll.

6. Go outside when the Moon is New, and with the partner that your wish to have this child with, make love on a blanket in the rays of the moon.

7. If you are artificially inseminating, take your women friends and swim in the ocean on the new moon night. The ocean may not be available to you, but you can also charge pool water with the intention of it being ocean-like. Light red candles at the time of the insemination

8. Create an altar to the unborn child, with candles and any objects special to you that symbolize the new addition to your family. You can also call upon ancestors for assistance, if you are so inclined.

9. Zsuzsanna says that the pituitary gland (third eye) is what triggers conception. To release the energy from the third eye to the womb, I suggest meditating with your eyes closed and rolled up towards the Third Eye, with the intention of creating new life.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Many times, I have used the alchemical term, “As Above, So Below” to remind myself that what is possible in the spiritual realm is possible in the physical. If fact, I believe it so much that it is inked on my arm as a daily reminder.

I will hold this belief for you also. Many blessings on your journey into motherhood. So it has been written, so mote it be.



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