November 2, 2015

The Wheel Turns.

October 31st marked the Witches’ New Year, a beautiful and very bittersweet night.

The veil between worlds, the veil that separates us from those we have loved and lost, is the most thin. It is when we can sit a vigil, honor the dead, and feel the presence of the people we deeply miss.

I lit many candles and sang a sacred tune while I wrote a note to someone I lost very recently. His passing was a shock, a tragedy, and one that many are still struggling to comprehend.

As I wrote to him and thought of his cheerful smile and curious mind, I realized that I may never know the reason behind his death but I did know the reason for his being on this earth. He was here to teach everyone around him kindness. Kindness and patience.

How many of us can say we know why we’re here? Or why anyone else is?

It was a blessing to know him and I know that even while we struggle here on earth and we mourn him, he is in the light.

The wheel is constantly turning. The wheel of life, the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth, and the wheel of the year. Nothing is ever truly stagnant. Even when we feel stuck, the wheel is turning around us and we’ll eventually have to let the mist lift from our eyes so we can see that we’ve been moving with it.

Consciously or not, we are always moving. Forever growing. Constantly looking for something new, something to entice us enough to push us even more forward. Especially now, when everything is designed to be so fast-paced and time efficient. So very few times do we allow ourselves to sit. To be.

My mom is a double Sagittarius which means she is all fire, all passion. She told me the other day that she wants badly to be a home-crafty person (like me…the stable Taurus who is very happy to spend her evenings knitting and researching herbs) but she has never been able to actually sit still long enough to do any crafts. She’s only ever able to sit for a long period of time when she’s watching TV or reading a book…and she’s not really being still then either because then her mind is going on an adventure even if her body is still.

The world is moving. The earth literally spins constantly. The cells in our body are vibrating.

Stillness is the dream, but the journey is in the attempts…it’s in the trying.

Samhain marks the turning of the year and we are now entering the darkness. The days grow shorter, the nights are colder, and mysteries are in the air as the mist rises from the mountains and settles over our paths. The earth is literally starting to rest, to sleep, as the plants in her soil die. It is time for all of us to turn our movement, our growth, our adventures inward.

Never stop changing, but don’t be afraid to sit.

So, the wheel has turned again and now it’s time for us to think—to reflect on life, on death, on big questions, on purpose, or our goals…what we have accomplished already and how we’ve got to where we are now.

Don’t be in such a hurry to rush through life. It will end. But where there is an end there will be a beginning. But the joy is in the middle, in the journey, on the path, and in the learning.

Enjoy the mysteries.

Enjoy the darkness.

Enjoy the wheel as it turns, for it’s your adventure and your life.


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Author: Stacey Porter

Editor: Travis May

Image: Author’s own

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