December 17, 2015

Going Deeper into Mayan Astrology: Your Tree of Life contains 4 More Aspects.

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“The greatest wisdom is in simplicity. Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It’s not complex or elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It’s encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you. Great teachers have said that from the beginning. Find your heart, and you will find your way.” ~ Carlos Barrios

I’m an amateur day keeper who has been studying the Mayan Calendar for the latter half of this year.

I wrote an article in early November about Mayan nahuales, and although only six weeks have passed, I’ve read and studied more and already my understanding has deepened enough to merit another edition with some important additions.

The coefficient that goes before the day-sign name or “nahuales” (of which there are 20) can range from 1 to 13. One aspect of the “long count” of the Mayan calendar is the Tzolkin, which lasts 260 days and is the product of 20 nahuales times 13 galactic tones.

Hence, we can celebrate our “Mayan birthdays” every 260 days, rather than every 365. Party!

The signs listed below are in order from first (Crocodile) to 20th (Sun). To calculate your day sign, go here.

Below is a deeper interpretation of the day signs including the four additional day signs that make up one’s basic tree of life. They are listed in parenthesis in this order: (1) youth, which is from age 0 to 26; (2) future, whose influence begins around 35 to 40 years of age but doesn’t really take over until age 52; (3) actions/male energy; and (4) feelings/female energy. (Tree of Life: Youth, Future, Actions, Feelings)

Please note: There is some confusion around the names of certain signs, due to the multitude of different, overlapping Mayan and Aztec astrological systems. For example, Night is also known as House. Net is called Lizard in some systems. Death is the Transformer. The Mayan nahual Ajmaq is interpreted as Wisdom, Vulture or Owl, depending on the system.

Likewise, Tijax is sometimes called Knife and other times, Flint. Seed is sometimes referred to as Rabbit. Corn, reed and cane are all used interchangeably for one sign. Storm is also Turtle, and Sun is occasionally called Flower. I study mainly the Quiché Maya terms and methods which differ in varying degrees from those in Mexico.

Here is some additional information on how the day signs can affect our personalities, along with our four Tree of Life signs.

The Crocodile sign indicates people who are primal earth mothers: intuitive, emotional, artistic, visionaries who care about home and family. Good vocations include musician, writer, therapist, self-employed. (Tree of Life: Corn, Water, Eagle, Deer)

The Wind sign is changeable, fickle, mentally adaptable, flexible, imaginative, romantic, nature lovers who make great teachers or writers. (Tree of Life: Jaguar, Dog, Vulture, Seed)

The Night sign tends to be soft-spoken, diplomatic, feminine, investigative, seekers of truth. Night people’s ideal vocations include shamans, analysts, musicians, writers, and artists. (Tree of Life: Eagle, Monkey, Earth, Water)

The Net sign indicates a personality that is curious, perceptive and fiery, sensual, prosperous, natural networkers. Ideal fields include farming, law, performance, procurement. (Tree of Life: Vulture, Road, Knife, Dog)

The Snake/serpent sign is a powerful, intense and magnetic influence, indicating a personality that is flowing, creative and charismatic. Snake people can be dynamic healers, leaders and psychics. (Tree of Life: Earth, Corn, Storm, Monkey)

The Death/transformer sign’s influence is peaceful, patient and intuitive. According to The Mayan Calendar Users’ Guide by Shay Addams, “death natives are responsible, helpful and have magnetic personalities.” Good careers for them include acting, writing, politics, philosophy and spirituality. (Tree of Life: Knife, Jaguar, Sun, Road)

The Deer sign lends a mighty, tenacious and independent streak to the personality. Deer people are peaceful, creative, sexual, intuitive, outspoken wanderers who need freedom in relationships. (Tree of Life: Storm, Eagle, Crocodile, Corn)

The Star/seed sign indicates someone who is friendly, emotional and sensitive. Good at making money, dealing with possessions, debating and bargaining, their ideal positions can be as performers, counselors and philosophers. (Tree of Life: Sun, Vulture, Wind, Jaguar)

The Water/offering sign lends itself to warm, sincere, sensitive dreamers. They are risk takers, sacrificial, linked with the moon and therefore emotionally driven. Ideal work ranges from farming to art, midwifery to math. (Tree of Life: Crocodile, Earth, Night, Eagle)

The Dog sign means a friendly, brave, loyal personality. Dog people are strategic and good at the game of life, finding fulfillment in education, tourism, art/music, business and marketing. (Tree of Life: wind, Knife, Net, Vulture)

The Monkey sign are creative, calm, clever and charismatic. Monkey people make great actors, musicians, writers, artisans and spiritual guides, and they are lively, natural leaders who love being the center of attention. (Tree of Life: Night, Storm, Snake, Earth)

The sign of Road indicates practicality and organization, people who tend to be humble, easy-going and serious travelers. Road people are goal-oriented and industrious, solitary although sociable. (Tree of Life: Net, Sun, Death, Knife)

The Corn sign is one that signifies calmness, creativity, authority and practicality. Corn people are natural leaders who are good at growing things, whether in the field of farming, education or community, and they are good with money. (Tree of Life: Snake, Crocodile, Deer, Storm)

The Jaguar sign represents courage, curiosity and learning. Jaguar people are intuitive, brave and proud, frequently found behind the scenes manifesting abundance as healers, doctors, investigators, government leaders, shamans and hunters. (Tree of Life: Death, Wind, Seed, Sun)

The Eagle sign is friendly, kind, smart, spiritual and sociable. The Eagle person sees the big picture, is detail oriented, loves travel and needs freedom in relationships. The excel at business, art, mysticism, planning and proofreading. (Tree of Life: Deer, Night, Water, Crocodile)

The Vulture sign indicates a personality that is wise, serious, introspective, patient and practical. Vulture people focus on cleansing, purification, releasing and reusing, which makes them good business people, analysts, mystics, judges and detectives. (Tree of Life: Seed, Net, Dog, Wind)

The Earth sign influence leads to talented, analytical, visionary personalities. Earth people tend to be productive, prosperous and liberal with active minds and emotions. They make good counselors, managers, lawyers, doctors, writers, ecologists, spiritual guides or musicians. (Tree of Life: Water, Snake, Monkey, Night)

The Knife sign means someone is active, sharp, and willing to make sacrifices. Knife people tend to be deeply challenged in life yet are able to heal. They seek truth and knowledge and find work in the fields of health care, politics, writing and business. (Tree of Life: Dog, Death, Road, Net)

The Storm sign is associated with both rain and turtles: tender, sensitive, nurturing, sweet, loving, feminine. Storm people are friendly, docile money-makers and homebodies often affected by the weather. Their ideal careers include humanitarian, nurse, doctor, meteorologist, attorney and musician. (Tree of Life: Monkey, Deer, Corn, Snake)

The Sun sign indicates a strong, healthy, positive, enthusiastic and brave leader. These talented people exude positive energy and illumination like the sun. Sun people can make excellent writers, psychics, politicians, musicians, farmers and gurus. (Tree of Life: Road, Seed, Jaguar, Death)



What’s Your Nahual? Mayan Birth Signs & their Meaning.


Author: Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Editor: Catherine Monkman

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