December 10, 2015

I Am a Female Democrat & I Do Not Support Hillary Clinton.

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Have you been criticized for having something adverse to say about a candidate, particularly of your own “Party?” Told you are somewhere along the lines of “ill-mannered,” “negative” or “grumpy?” Slapped on the wrist for your supposed “political incorrectness?”

I am a Democrat. I am a woman. And I have profound concerns about Hillary Clinton.

And I am not alone.

Support for Clinton among democratic women has fallen from 71 percent in July to 42 percent now.

Continually promoted as an advocate for Women and Children, Hillary Clinton has allied herself with the GMO Kings of Monsanto (even her campaign manager is a former Monsanto lobbyist) and has voted 45 times in favor of the TPP (which is designed to protect Monsanto and other huge, multinational corporations from any accountability whatsoever, forever).

To anyone who has properly educated themselves on the topic of food corruption, perhaps on behalf of their children, this alone should stop your heart and compel you to examine Hillary’s motives, integrity and past and present actions. It should cause you to thoroughly scrutinize her “Women and Children” card.

Pay attention. Physicians who have prescribed GMO-free diets for very sick children and adults report dramatic results of improvement and cure.

Feeling the threat of withdrawal from public endorsements of her candidacy due to her increasingly unpopular Monsanto and TPP alliances, Hillary apparently just now finds herself a bit “uncomfortable” with the TPP. She’s supposedly reconsidering now?

This is disingenuous at the least. Pure political strategy.

It would be very hard for even the most ardent Hillary supporter not to feel uneasy when listening to the recording of a 27-year-old Hillary discussing her successful defense of a rapist of a 12-year-old child. Hillary was not a Public Defender assigned to this case. She took this on voluntarily, won the case and boasted, while laughing, about getting the man off, essentially scot-free, without uttering a single word for the plight of the poor victim whose life was irreparably damaged. Women and Children?

I have a post-graduate degree in Psychology and an undergraduate degree in Sociology. I personally believe Hillary Clinton has all the earmarks of a sociopath—characteristics that seem to continually resurface over a long period of time in the public eye. She’ll do or say anything for a chance at Power, the results of which, by the way, can repeatedly be observed on public record as having brought serious harm to others. Indeed, plenty of incriminating evidence of what I believe to be gross character flaws through her behaviors, comments and actions is readily accessible for anyone to examine. Please do your research.

Try examining Hillary’s involvement in the firing of Travel Office Director Billy Dale, who served many administrations faithfully in the White House, Democrat and Republican. He was replaced (along with six other employees) with people the Clintons supposedly favored. While the 25-year-old cousin of Bill Clinton took Dale’s job, Dale himself was wrongfully charged with embezzlement. Dale was eventually exonerated, but his life was all but ruined as a result.

I have come to the conclusion that many well-meaning people simply cannot imagine that someone who touts seemingly positive and wonderful ideas and positions that they cherish could possibly be duping them. They cannot fathom that Hillary could be conniving. For many good people with goodwill, it’s not in their radar to suspect such malevolence, nor in their skill set to discern personality disorders.

I contend that the discouraging of “negative” commentary on and assertive scrutiny of a candidate stems from flawed thinking and a kind of basic insecurity. As Citizens, Protectors of Children, and Stewards of the Environment, we are obliged to use critical thinking and speak up when we are alerted to cognitive dissonance, disingenuousness and narcissism.

If for no other reason, what will we answer to our children and grandchildren when they ask us why we didn’t see through these profoundly disturbing incongruities when there is no longer any doubt? Don’t think that all of this won’t be thoroughly exposed if Clinton wins the nomination. Republicans will have a heyday with Clinton’s actions.


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Author: Elizabeth deMartelly

Editor: Toby Israel

Photo: Marc Nozell/Flickr // Keith Kissel/Flickr


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