December 14, 2015

I Promise You this, if Only…


As I was thinking about you, I thought about promises.

People promise all the time, but few and far between are the ones who keep their promises.

I asked myself, “how can someone break his promise to the one he loves?”

I can’t break my sacred promises with you. My promises to you are promises to myself and if I lie to you, I lie to myself.

I promise you that I will never break my promises, because what I’m saying today shall stay tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, until forever and a day.

I promise you to not speak words because words are empty. They are just letters encapsulated together and spoken by a voice that is even emptier. However, I do promise to speak to you with my eyes, every morning, every evening and every night.

I promise you to metamorphoze myself into a shelter where I can keep you safe and sound. My arms will be the door that will keep any danger away from your soul.

I promise you to cut my chest wide open and give you my heart. I know that it will keep on beating and I will survive as long as it’s with you.

I promise you to become you. I will cry with you, laugh with you and breathe with you. I will bond with you and feel with you. I will be with you.

I promise you that I will make every bad memory exit your being. I will turn your soul into a constant summer that knows no winter.

I promise you that you will travel the world with me when you’re sitting on your couch and having tea. You will need no tickets, or plans because I know how and where to take you.

I promise you that I will make you understand love. I will let it enter you like nothing has ever entered your soul before. It will not leave you without my consent, I promise.

I promise you that I will let you change into a better man. Yes, you can change. If caterpillars can become butterflies and fly, you can become the man you want to be and love.

I promise you that life with me will be as easy as pie. I shall erase the word “hard” from your dictionary and replace it with flowers that never wither and die.

I promise you that you will love yourself like you never did before. I will demolish your mistakes from your past.

There will be no past in your life, I promise.

I promise you that I will be your home. I will change your perspectives on what a home is. You will realize that home is a person, a living soul.

I promise you that I will never try to manipulate you. I was born to love you, only.

I promise you that I will be the queen you have long searched for. My kingdom is your love. Your love is my crown.

I promise you that you will not fail at love. You will not be anybody but yourself.

I will not leave you. I promise you this, if only we were together.

While you are still trying to understand love, I am writing down my promises so I will never break them.

The day you will be mine, I will read those words to myself, every single night, so I don’t forget them, I promise you this.


Excuse Me While I Love You.


Author: Elyane Youssef

Editor: Caitlin Oriel

Image: Alycia Kosonic/Flickr & Kendall Lane/Unsplash

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Read 2 comments and reply

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