January 2, 2016

3 Simple Ways to Create an Inspiring Space with Feng Shui.

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Life is like a sine curve—there are ups and downs—and sometimes when things are down, we need inspiration to swing back up.

Things have been a little light on the motivation side for me lately, and that’s okay—but as it started to drag on, I realized it might be time to request some encouragement from my environment using feng shui.

Feng shui is the Asian art of placement—and my modus operandi (method or approach) for everything—but it’s much more than just moving furniture around. Everything in our space carries energy and affects us, and through feng shui, we can adjust that energy and our space to create more positive effects and opportunities in life.

Feng shui adjustments don’t need to be overwhelming or expensive. In fact, sometimes just moving things around can stir up energy and influence a space. So I’m happy to share these three ways to create an inspiring space using feng shui.

Create Space.

Have you ever felt really stuck on something, then gave up—took a shower or went to sleep—and suddenly the answer arose? It seems to float to the surface like sand finally settling in a glass of water. This is because you created space. As Westerners, many of us fear space. We fear being bored, and we connect mental space with boredom. But when we establish openness, we allow the sand to settle so there’s clarity—and in that clarity, we can find true inspiration.

Spatially, maybe this means that we can create space in our homes. Important areas to focus on are the bedroom (represents personal life), desk (represents work) or even the closet (which represents us). This may mean de-cluttering or simply organizing things to manifest some emptiness.

Add Fire Energy.

In feng shui philosophy and Chinese five element theory, fire is related to passion, clarity and inspiration. This means that bringing fire into a space can assist with these areas.

We can bring more fire into our environments through the color red, triangular shapes or even with lighting. The first thing I did to stir up motivation was get myself a new desk lamp. I had an old vintage lamp that was cute but in disrepair. I had replaced the electrical cord, only to have the switch stop working, so it was a challenge every time I wanted light at my desk. Metaphorically, I made it very difficult for myself and difficult to find inspiration and passion with what I was working on.

An easy way to bring in fresh, fiery energy is to replace any burnt out bulbs and any broken light fixtures. If all your bulbs are fairly new, rotate them around to stir up energy!

Surround Yourself with the Best.

Remember how I said everything around us carries energy and affects us? It’s important to make sure the things around us aren’t mediocre. This means people as well as objects. We should surround ourselves with inspirational friends, mentors and people who motivate us. I’m especially an advocate for mentors. There is so much to learn from teachers and elders!

As far as belongings go, it’s important to have high quality energy around us—within our means, of course. We all know what happens to our bodies when we eat a lot of cheap processed “food.” Similarly, why create a physical and energetic environment with mediocre materials? Food is a great way to start. We can look in our refrigerators and cabinets, and let go of any old, expired or processed food which weighs down our ability to find inspiration. Then, we can do our best within our means to fill our kitchens and bodies with food that truly nourishes us with positive life energy.

We all experience times in life when motivation, passion and inspiration aren’t as forthcoming as we’d like, but there are ways to kick-start the flow of those positive vibes. Feng shui adjustments can open up space in our minds and homes for fresh, positive energy to move. If you’re feeling less than excited, try one or more of these simple changes and watch how your attitude and life transform. Then share with the elephant journal community so we can all find inspiration in you!



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