January 4, 2016

6 Ways our Intuition Always has our Back.


As a professional intuitive healer, I’m constantly asked why intuition is such a big deal.

After all, don’t we just need it when we want to know if someone’s going to propose, or if we’re going to win the lottery? How can little flashes of insight or psychic “hits” really deepen our experience on earth?

My own journey with intuition began as a child, when vivid dreams presented images and situations far beyond my years. As I struggled to interpret what these images might mean, I stumbled across books and finally teachers that helped me understand and eventually harness this ability. In the meantime, it helped me pass so many tests I hadn’t quite found the time to study for. School was never the same.

These days, my answer for why intuition is important is that we’ve come into the world to experience it as intuitive beings, and enjoy it in three dimensions using our sensitivity. Our physical selves are designed to promote this, as are our mental and emotional processes. Here are six of the biggest ways our intuition always has our back:

1. Our Bodies are Feedback Machines

Remember the last time you met someone and felt butterflies in your stomach? That’s your body indicating its attraction and nervousness in this new, vulnerable state. Our bodies are designed with all kinds of feedback loops to protect and serve us, from the sinking feeling we have whenever we’re around a draining person to the ebullient sensation in our hearts on the last day of school. Learning to listen to the body’s intuitive guidance may be one of the best things we can do for our mind, body and spirit.

2. Our Thoughts Recur For a Reason

Everyone’s experienced annoying and repetitive thoughts, or even lost sleep because we were worried about something happening tomorrow, or that already happened days, weeks or even years ago. Our minds are designed to offer us this as intuitive wisdom. Though ruminating on negative people or situations may not be healthy long-term, listening to what our minds are bringing forth can have incredible healing effects when we decide to accompany our listening with action.

3. Our Dreams Reveal Our Deepest Inner Concerns

Dreams are our subconscious way of communicating our unconscious drives, wishes, pains, wounds and other issues. Though there are many ways to interpret recurring dreams, if you’re having one, with specific symbols and characters, chances are your unconscious mind is trying to share intuitive knowledge. The best use of this information is usually increasing self-awareness and healing. Dreams are one of our most powerful ways to zoom in on what’s really bothering us.

4. Psychic or Intuitive “Flashes” Demand Our Attention

It’s very common for people to experience these little moments, when we suddenly think of our brother and find out later that he’s had an accident, or wake up wondering if our co-worker’s okay, only to find out the next day that she’s been admitted to the hospital. I have a friend who once had a seemingly random thought to change lanes while driving, only to have a giant truck come careening through a stop sign a block later. If he’d stayed in the same lane, he may have been injured or worse in the resulting crash.

5. Inner “Knowing” Should Never Be Dismissed

Sometimes we just have a strong feeling about someone or something. We’re attracted and have to get to know someone better, or get the inner Stop sign from our intuition. This inner “knowing,” or claircognizance, is trying to let us know when it’s safe to let our guard down, or whether we need to keep some healthy boundaries in place. Either way, it’s got our back in a big way. If you have developed clairvoyant (clear seeing) or clairaudient (clear hearing) skills, this knowing may be accompanied by images or sounds.

6. We Are All Equipped to Sense into Energy

Call it the “Reading a Room” skill, but most people enter the world with the ability to decode facial expressions, social cues and other energetic shifts. When we walk into a room, we can probably tell if someone’s just had a fight, suffered a loss, or just had a rousing birthday party. Each of us arrives with the ability to sense into energy this way. If you want to develop it further, or even use energy to heal, that’s available to you. This skill really comes in especially handy on the job, where it can be used to help you advance through the ranks with ease.

If intuition is something you’re interested in, perhaps a course in intuitive development is in order this year. Taking the time to listen to those inner voices may help get closer to what’s really important, discover areas of imbalance and even avoid toxic situations. In any event, looking within will bring you into closer contact with all the divine living within.


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Author: Alyson Mead

Editor: Travis May

Image: Flickr/Bradley Newman

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