January 7, 2016

A Cool Thing to Do for Yourself & People You Love.

I was flying home from Hartford three weeks before Christmas. I had the dreaded middle seat and the woman sitting by the window was writing Christmas Cards.

I shared my Christmas idea with her, and it resulted in awkward silence. I could have dropped my idea then and there, but am so glad that I didn’t.

This isn’t a seasonal idea, in fact, I am facing the new year feeling better, and more optimistic than ever.

Say “no” to drugs, but “yes” to healthy swallowing

My idea came in a flash, a picture of a bottle under the Christmas tree full of red and green pills. The red pills would be full of cayenne pepper, the green ones full of spinach powder.

This sounded both festive and healthy to me.

Amazon has everything, almost, and they do have “00” gel caps that arrive by the thousand for $12.55 including shipping. These little beauties are just waiting to be stuffed with anything you wish. You could fill them with chocolate powder, or sugar, you could put drugs in them the way big pharma does. But don’t fill them with something you like the taste of, fill them with something that tastes like it isn’t good for you but is.

My idea was to put really good stuff in the pills that would reduce inflammation, inspire digestion, tune up my entire system, tickle me into better health and make me more like Popeye.

I went to a place I call The Temple, Your Dekalb Farmer’s Market, in suburban Atlanta. There I buy fresh spices, watercress and spinach really cheaply.

There I eat some of the best food ever and usually head home with figs and sweet lemon/kale juice that makes me feel immortal, and a 40 pound box of yams for $16.50 that is a staple in my diet.

The fun, and therapy of making these little healthy bombs

A friend’s daughter visited pre-Christmas. She saw the empty pills, the full pills and the spice smudges on my white table cloth.

Within minutes this sweet twenty something who has to check her phone often or die had red pepper on her fingers and was light and lively with no signs of generational ADD.

She loved making the pills. Actually by the time you have made your first hundred, if you bought the spices right, you have broken even with buying pills, and from there everything is therapy, good health and profit.

Some things I have learned

Don’t get the red pepper anywhere near your eyes.

When you make turmeric pills, to reduce inflammation, add some fresh ground black pepper, it aids in assimilation.

Don’t make the pills on your good linens.

You can dehydrate any sort of green, throw the dried leaves in the blender, and have a fine powder perfect for pill stuffing.

You can buy a little thing to stuff pills for you, but that makes the entire process less time consuming and thus less therapeutic. The purpose here isn’t to make more pills, it is to be present, Zen like, making them.

People will either rejoice or look confused when you give them a bottle of home made pills. Hang around the ones who rejoice.

You can’t have too many home made pills, and if you don’t watch TV or otherwise distract yourself while making pills you are likely to experience being more mindful, increase your eye hand coordination and have some stains on your fingers.

A word about that big box of yams I mentioned earlier. I don’t put them in the pills, because I adore the taste of them. Here is what I do with them, I cook several and put them in my rugged blender with a dab of coconut oil, allspice, fresh dates (no pits), and salt. I spin this around until i have the most wonderful tasting orange masterpiece that tastes like heaven.

Red pepper offers a full bodied sensation!

I have tried turmeric, water cress, kale, spinach, red pepper, cinnamon and just for fun these little dark chocolate popped quinoa candies. But please try other things and let me know how they work.

The figs I just eat while imagining me and my grandfather eating fig newtons; we didn’t know you didn’t need the newton. In fact, figs are the sweetest fruit ever, and guilt free.

Please get some gel caps and play with them. Leave a comment with things that you love in them and things you think might be good to avoid.

I am not planning on giving up food entirely, replacing it with pills, but each time I take the pills they go down easily. I am not the world’s best pill taker, but I can pop five of these into my mouth at the same time and selectively swallow some or all: ending with an empty mouth and a happy body.



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