January 14, 2016

Who Were You In Your Previous Life? {Questions & Test}


The belief that our souls are eternal and can reincarnate has been held for thousands of years in various cultures and the idea of past life regression can be a fascinating and intriguing path of inquiry.

In spiritual terms it is thought that reincarnation exists so that we learn valuable life lessons, clear karma and ultimately aide the soul’s progression.

To find out who we were in a prior life it is possible to do a past life regression, although, there are many other ways we can identify our previous selves.

We can either be hypnotised, enter a deep state of relaxation, or remain in a conscious state when evoking the source of past memories.

All of our previous experiences have left an imprint and sometimes we relive them through recurring dreams, strong sensations or familiar overwhelming feelings that are known as déjà vu. Sometimes it seems as though we have been to certain places before, connected with people previously or felt a particular way that reflects a triggered distant memory.

It is also thought the games we played as children are associated with our previous existence. Children are believed to be far more open to their psychic abilities and are more open and less skeptical toward the spiritual world.  This allows them the opportunity to freely explore alternative dimensions without feeling hindered by societal expectations or the fear of disapproval.

The countries or cultures we feel resonance with can also provide an insight into where or how we once lived.

It is also possible that any fear or anger we may now feel is an inclination of conflicts or even wars that we may have had involvement with or we may have suffered if people close to us were harmed and the pain was so traumatic that it has lived on in our cells.

The occupations we are drawn to can also represent a connection to one of our past lives as the talent, skills or knowledge we once learned are all inherent within us.

We may even feel as though some of our phobias or fears correlate to memories that exist, not from this life, but through a traumatic incident lifetimes ago.

It is likely that things that attract or repel us are clues to events that existed long ago.

Before recollecting recorded experiences, it is essential that we let go of any preconceptions we may have that could influence the outcome.

We can meditate beforehand so that our mind is calm and free from any thoughts that may interrupt or manipulate the process.

When we recall our past it is possible that we may receive specific information that reveals names, dates, places and also our cause of death and the age we lived until. We may receive flashes of data that causes an emotional reaction as our soul recognizes faces, feelings or significant items that were once relevant in our life.

Before we carry out the test we can spend some time focusing inward while contemplating the questions below. Rather than being rational with our answering, we can allow the questions to linger until an intuitive memory surfaces that makes sense and feels as though it naturally integrates with who we now are.

We should find a quiet place where we will be uninterrupted and then slow things down so that we enter a light meditative state. By focusing on our breathing we can remove external stimuli and any thoughts that are related to our current lives rather than our past.

Just before we go to sleep or as soon as we have woken is often the best time to naturally transcend to a state that allows us to tap into our past lives.

It is also important to remain open to all the information that arises as we absorb the sensations that arise with each question we ask.

1. Do you feel compelled to visit or live in certain towns, villages or countries?
2. Have you met people who seem familiar and you instinctively feel as though you already know them?
3. Are you naturally talented or skilled at something with no formal training or teaching?
4. Are you compelled to find out more about a particular era?
5. Do you feel as though your dreams are trying to tell you something?
6. Do you experience physical pain or even have a scar or mark in a certain area of your body that does not relate to any injury or trauma in this life?
7. Have you ever instinctively known how to get somewhere as though you have travelled on autopilot?
8. Do you collect certain items or own particular objects that you feel a strong bond with?
9. Do you have a deep affinity with certain animals?
10. Are you drawn toward styles of clothing from the past?
11. What imaginative or more practical games were you interested in as a child?
12. Which genre of books captures your interest?
13. What are you most afraid of?
14. How would you live if there were no limitations?
15. Do you have a strong preference for certain food types, especially those associated with a specific culture?
16. Do you naturally feel wealthy or poor regardless of what you have in your current life?
17. Do you feel as though you have been born in the wrong era?
18. Do you feel as though there is someone missing from your life but you aren’t sure who?
19. Do you feel as though you personally know historic people?
20. Does your artwork or creativity feel channelled through someone from the past?
21. Do your hobbies or interests make you feel exceptionally calm and soothed and very natural?
22. Has someone from the past had a strong positive or negative influence on your life?
23. Do you feel like your life has a soul purpose?
24. Do you feel as though you have a deep emotional wound that has not yet healed?
25. When certain music plays does it take you back into the past?

Once we have pondered each of the questions we can spend some time in deep thought allowing images, words and feelings to come and go.

Once the mind has settled we can then meditate to allow the mind to clear of persisting conscious thoughts so that our unconscious mind where memories are stored can be brought to light.

We may then start to visualize a picture that represents who we were and it is possible that it will be associated with a strong sense of the character and personality of our previous self. If we stay connected to the memory, we can then allow related images to flick through our minds as though we are sifting through an old photograph album.

As the images come and go it is likely that strong emotions and sensations will be linked to each visual. When we gently focus awareness on our emotions without grasping onto them or feeling fearful, we can understand why they exist so they lose their intensity and any effects they have on us that can cause us to repeat patterns of behaviour in our daily lives. We then begin to remove the blockages that keep us stuck in cycles as we let go of the tension that the past memory has been holding on to.

Often when we go through this process we may touch upon and rekindle nostalgic memories from our younger years of this life. Our memory is extremely powerful and it stores an incredible amount of information that we do not consciously realize exists.

If we become too emotional or disorientated, we can return to this process at another time. We are in complete control and can open our eyes and fully awaken at any time.

When we repeat the above steps regularly and reconnect with our past lives it is common to achieve a quicker connection to the memories and we may also experience more intense emotions with the images becoming more vivid and clear.

After regressing we may feel exhausted or drained, though, it is also possible to feel a deep sense of inner peace and calm. It is essential to take it slowly and stop at any time if it becomes too traumatic.

We can also do a simple test which may not be as accurate, however, if we use our intuition we should still be able to recall memories that offer an insight into our past.

Here is a link to a quick past life test.



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