Does Being in a Relationship Make us Happier? {Video}

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Bảo-Quân Nguyễn/Unsplash

Many of us believe that if we can just find the one then we’ll be happy.

But, thinking this way is an emotional and financial trap.

The search for our life partner, our soul mate—the last date ever is a noble and sometimes costly one. The dating industry generates over two billion dollars in revenue annually.

They know what we desire and they want our money.

The majority of us don’t like to be alone. Most of us are looking to love or be loved in one way or another. It’s also more socially acceptable to be in a relationship.

“Singleism” is real!

Singles looking for the one often spend a lot of money as we search for our match—on things like dating sites and events, and on buying products to make us look and feel more attractive.

Time for a wake up call with some real relationship facts:

1. Being in a relationship can make us more anxious as there is an uncertainty that comes with love.

2. It seems being in a relationship also causes us to break promises more often. ( I like to call it lying.)

3. There is less predictability when we are together for a long time. If we think we know our significant other, we may need to guess again.

On a positive note being in a long term healthy relationship can make us less anxious and for some of us that equals happiness!

But all the experts tell us, and we secretly know it too, that we should work on being happy with ourselves first. Being alone and loneliness are vastly different things. Being alone can be awesome!

Shawn Achor. author of The Happiness Advantage and, I don’t know…all Buddhists would advise us to find our own happiness on the inside.

A relationship will not make you happy.

Being happy makes us happy and being happy will help us find a great relationship which could potentially make us even happier!


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Author: Heather Dawn

Editor: Khara-Jade Warren

Image: Bảo-Quân Nguyễn/ Unsplash


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