February 11, 2016

Harnessing the Power of the Full Moon.


The full moon is resplendent; her luminous energy is pure, graceful and divine. For millennia she has captured people’s dreams and imaginations, radiating reflective and perceptive intuitive power.

In her stillness, we are guided to trust in and listen to our intuition. She is the sacred essence of our unconscious desires, gently guiding us to create the necessary stillness to hear where we are guided. She reveals secrets to those who are willing to stop and listen to her perceptive and mysterious energy.

When we honor the sacred space that is contained within the full moon, we heighten our creativity and intuitive awareness, which allows for a deeper understanding of our goals, desires and dreams.

The full moon cleanses not only our spirit, but also our sacred tools of divinity. We can place our crystals or Oracle and Tarot cards under her light to allow them to release built up vibrations and become recharged.

The full moon is a powerful healer, too, and her nurturing presence can be harnessed to help us let go of any burdens we have been carrying. This is the perfect time to write our ex-lover’s name on a piece of paper and release the energetic hold they have over us. This can be done by safely burning the paper, or by tearing it up in pieces and allowing the wind to carry the fragments away.

We can also tap into this sacred time by engaging in rituals that celebrate her divine presence in our lives—this can be an elaborate ceremony, or as simple as lighting a white candle in her honor.

The full moon is the cosmic mother that unites human spirit with the divine. Her ability to control earthly cycles renders her a force to be reckoned with. She symbolizes the hidden secrets of life, and her glow speaks of feminine mysteries. She is the veil of light that hides her secrets well until she is ready to reveal them in her splendor.

Her changing cycles give us the opportunity for rebirth, and allow for sadness to be released and creativity expressed. She radiates in our lives with clarity and harmony, allowing us time to reflect and gain access to our intuitive perception. She is the gateway between our unconscious desires and the reality we are yet to manifest in our lives.

She illuminates the darkness and leads the way forward—away from the shadow-scape of darkness and into the light of rebirth.

This is the perfect time to work on connecting with our intuition. It is a highly creative time which allows for reflection on that which we wish to manifest in our life, helping us to create the foundation for further growth.

Journaling is an excellent way to tap into the ideas forming on the edges of our consciousness. Keeping a full moon journal also allows for repressed feelings to be acknowledged and healed, as our writing at this time is particularly vivid and leads to a greater understanding of our emotional states.

There are many ways we can choose to tap into the moon’s guiding light, and this interaction with her receptive feminine energy will pay us “dividends.” We will become clearer, calmer and more balanced, achieving a state of inner equilibrium and allowing for great healing to enter our lives.

It is also common to have vivid dreams and heightened imagination during this time, which is part of harnessing her creative intuitive powers.

The full moon hints of the abundance possible—the cosmic forces of unlimited potentiality available to us. We may celebrate her presence in our lives and open to her healing powers and creative forces as her love and light shine down on us from above.

We are nurtured and supported during this journey of working on the inner self. As such, this is the perfect time to express ourselves fully to those around us and allow her sacred feminine beauty to shine brightly in our lives.


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Author: Crystal Sky

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Pacheco/Flickr


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