February 18, 2016

Hilarious Adele & Ellen DeGeneres Prank—Plus Incredible Live Performances.


Adele appeared as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres show and stunned viewers once again. Not only is she a ridiculously talented singer, she also showed that she is always up for a laugh when she showcased her impeccable acting skills as she pranked staff at Jamba Juice on the Warner Bros. lot in LA.

Although Adele has successfully pulled off pranks before, this has got to be her funniest and best yet as she shows that nothing fazes her and that she unflinchingly does exactly as she is asked!

Following Ellen’s hidden orders, Adele started by standing outside and shouting the lyrics from her hugely successful hit, “Hello.” The superstar then went into the shop acting like a total diva making odd requests, chewing on wheatgrass while asking her “assistant” to brush her hair and then going on to make deer noises, much to everyone’s amazement. 

The six minute clip truly is a must-watch. Although I already totally adore Adele, I fell in love with her a little more after watching her follow Ellen’s instructions without a flaw.   

The best moment of the video for me was when Adele turned her purse upside down on the counter and everything came tumbling out, including Amaretto, a roll of toilet tissue, knives, handcuffs and dozens of coins, and then, keeping a straight face she asked the employees, “Do I have to pay? I am a celebrity.”

Although the employees at the store must have been stunned, they kept their cool the whole way through, although Ellen was laughing uncontrollably from the studio the whole time.

Not only did Adele wow the show’s audience with her dramatic and hilarious antics pranking for Ellen, she also gave a candid interview along with two breath-taking performances of songs from her latest album 25, which are sure to give anyone who listens to them goose bumps and chills.

One of the songs was a gripping live version of “When We Were Young,” and the other, an flawless rendition of  “All I Ask,” which is the first time she has performed it since the Grammys. She also created a unique “Hello” themed voicemail message for Ellen.

Adele went on to discuss the heartbreak she felt that left her crying for a whole day after technical issues interfered with her Grammy performance.

Adele’s trademark laugh can be heard as she discusses the mini crisis. She explained to Ellen, “I heard it (the mic drop) straight away. And I wanted to turn, because in rehearsal on Saturday, they were like, ‘We’re going to double mic the piano in case one of them doesn’t work.’ And I knew where the mic was, and I wanted to turn around and lift it up, but I froze.” She then added, “I cried pretty much all day yesterday,” although also saying that she would still have cried had the performance gone well. 

Despite any sound errors, always the consummate professional, Adele went on to give an amazing performance that was full of feeling, raw emotions and one that was unquestionably heartfelt.

Learning from the encounter Adele made the decision that, “Next time I have any sound issues, I am going to start over.” 

It doesn’t matter what this super-talented and completely down to earth young woman does, she blows it straight out of the water every time. This latest escapade is priceless and an absolute must watch and will most definitely add a few minutes of joy to the day. Guaranteed…


Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Video Still

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