February 12, 2016

How to Make a Gratitude Journal Even More Transformational.


By now, most of have likely heard of the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal.

Gratitude journals can do wonders to help us to focus on the beauty in life. While writing out thank you’s to the universe feels amazing in and of itself, there’s one gigantic tip we’re all missing out on.

Have you ever thought about keeping a gratitude journal dedicated only to our misfortunes?

This simple tip probably sounds counterproductive at first—after all, why relist all the “bad” in our lives?

When we get down to the nitty-gritty of writing out the why’s, this tends to make more sense. What if we can actually turn this “disaster” into a learning experience? What if we can find the silver lining, and most frightening of all, what if our “bad stuff” is not all that bad?

In this exercise we tend to see the little lessons the universe has sprinkled on our path. Fighting with our partners can become a lesson in compassion and communication. Hours spent at the laundromat transformed into the art of finding joy in tight spaces and being present where we are. It’s as easy as writing “I’m grateful for …” and allowing space for the lesson of the uncomfortable or painful situation to arise.

What if we can create a life where all things are allowed, little annoyances and all? Is it possible to become more mindful, peaceful versions of ourselves if we accept our lives for all that they are?

Today, maybe we can choose to say we’re thankful for that rude waiter, and get on with our lives without carrying around the weight of negativity. Maybe we can not only be thankful for the blessings but for the tough parts of life that help to shape us, too.





Author: Alana Hill

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Flickr/happy_serendipity 

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