February 29, 2016

John Oliver Takes on Trump—& Yes, It’s Brilliant.


My favorite comedian and my least favorite politician—what’s not to love about John Oliver’s latest Last Week Tonight segment?

He has gone back on his promise not to cover the 2016 elections, because this all needed to be said.

Oliver takes on so many Trump myths, from, “he tells it like it is” to, “he’s independent and not owned by anyone,” I don’t know which one to choose. You’ll need to watch the whole thing, but skip to 15:29 for the crux of it if you don’t have time to watch the full segment.

This is brilliant.

Don’t take my word for it, though. A few of the top reactions from Reddit:

“This was insanely great. It’s amazing that people even voted for him in the first place.” ~ vloger

“Oh man.. I did not want John to stop. He could’ve talked about this for an hour and i wouldn’t be bored.” ~ jchoulfc92

“Vicious. Loved it. A genuine warning in there too – it / he’s funny to a point but now it’s getting a little too close to actually screwing things up quite a bit.” ~ meleeuk

“My wife just pointed out, everything that the Kardashians get hate for, Drumpf supporters consider a quality worth voting for. Except for the fact that Kardishian brand stuff actually sells better…” ~ DaveSW777

“Was NOT disappointed. Thank you John Oliver for putting him on blast. Hopefully this will knock some sense into his “supporters.”” ~ jeric13xd

I’m just going to leave this here:

Another Redditor wrote:

“This was a good segment, but I don’t think it will have any impact. It’s really amazing how people like Trump simply because he says politically incorrect things. Why should that make anyone qualified for the presidency?”

Indeed, Oliver is largely “preaching to the choir” here. So, can we change that?

This is truth disguised as comedy (the best kind of comedy—and the best kind of truth), but truth nonetheless. Can we share this beyond the choir (elephant journal’s mission, as it so happens) and do our part in making an impact?


Author: Toby Israel

Image: Youtube


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