February 10, 2016

The Daily Journey of a Highly Sensitive Person. {Poem}


Can you still feel, taste, smell the love of yesterday?

Or has it already drifted back into the everyday ether of daily life, another memory faded, another experience passed away?

Do you not inhale deeply the light scent of rain as the winds pick it up and playfully dance it,
A symphony in your nostrils
Taking passage in your lungs?
These things do not fade so easily for me
This cacophony of sounds
This menagerie of light
This stampede of sensation
Where sensuality is law and sex is God.

Reality penetrates deeply, and no sensation goes unnoticed.
A curse and blessing it is
This sensory bombardment
This stimulus storm cloud
This waking dream of endless intercourse.

I close my eyes and see nothing but Godliness—
It is lonely but lovely,
This unbearable beauty
This feast of life
This raving roast
This ghastly nightmare
That I awake again and again
Only to find myself
Aching for more
Begging for less
Struggling, and yet
Laughing to the Bottomless Depths.

An old woman wisened and jaded,
A frightened child, emboldened, eyes wide with Fear,
I swim to the surface
And gasp for breath
Wondering what the next day will bring.


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Author: Rachel Leber

Editor: Toby Israel

Image: Christopher Campbell/Unsplash


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Read 4 comments and reply

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