February 13, 2016

Touch Me like this & I’ll be Yours. {Adult}

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“The most breathtaking words aren’t snapped on a typewriter but traced on the softest skin and whispered through moans.” ~ Leo Christopher


It’s not just my body that is waiting for your touch—it’s my very being.

Strip down my mind until every inappropriate thought and delicious idea spills from my imagination like the incoming tide pounds the expectant shore.

Take my hand and draw me into your succulent world, letting me know that I will be safe here.

Let my strings of self-defense unravel until there is nothing left to untie, and I am just a chaos of silken thread that you wish to drape yourself in.

Open your heart to my blissful blue eyes, and let me roam all of the tall peaks and dark caverns held there just waiting for the one brave enough to carry on through the obscure which is only studded by the light of your soul’s most hidden treasure.

If you hold my heart and let me step out my outdated and worn insecurities—I will let you do the same.

Until we are bare and exposed, letting our vulnerabilities shine like the glimmering stars above.

Because darling, this time—I want to take our time.

I don’t want to rush to the finish line when the journey there is the most delectable and arousing part of tasting you.

Because it seems that my hot skin craves the bare touch of yours, and I want to spend the time caressing and licking all of the bits that are my most favorite.

Especially the parts that no one else ever gave much attention to—because I like knowing I’ve kissed you in places others haven’t even thought of.

And the truth is we’ve made love a thousand times before we ever even touched one another.

How skillful we are that a simple glance has become the most erotic foreplay.

So this time, let your eyes peer into the hidden and dark workings of my mind—letting yourself become lost among my desires and passion which rage for only you.

Because you start a fire deep within, that pulses and throbs, waiting in sweet expectation without even having to lay a fingertip upon my body.

Your deep eyes meeting mine in a firestorm of electricity is enough to make my panties wet each and every time, and I secretly crave the opportunity to have you lick my sweet nectar from my fingertips.

The truth is that you are the only one who has dared to make love to my mind, even in its twisted eccentricities thick with the musings of a mind that never sleeps.

And so, my love, I want you to touch me with determination, because we’ve been careful for far too long—and we both know that there isn’t anything that will ever break this connection.

Meet my eyes and let yourself find the courage to not look away even as you begin to move inside of me—because I want you to see exactly what it is that you do to me.

No one else has ever been able to touch the most hidden parts of me like you do.

And please, I hope you can find the strength to stop, so that we can revel in the way that it feels to finally bask in the heat that only we create.

The truth is that no one has ever taken the time to explore all of my roads, learning which are his favorite—and no one but you ever found the gusto necessary to learn that for the right man there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do.

So tear my walls apart and down, with your words describing all that you’d like me to do to you.

Tell me how you want me to touch myself, so that you know—even in absence—you’ll still occupy my most sensual fantasies.

Because the lover who can caress one’s mind is the one who will also be able to make one’s body gasp in pleasure.

I know that we’ve touched too many times to count at this point—but we never seem to run out of new ways to read a story that we’ve only begun write the book on.

So let your fingertips trace the boundaries of my comfort zone, until I can tiptoe across into yours and help you realize that even the most profound thoughts can be manifested through fervent courage.

Allow me to show you what life is like if we meet on the other side of possibility.

Because there exists a world where touch is intoxication and the future is just one dream away.

So, touch me.

Touch me slowly, until I am trembling at the energy that you cast over me.

Touch me until I lose my breath and become quiet in my climatic ecstasy.

And please, touch me until I am whispering your name.

Because nothing else tastes as sweet upon my wet lips.

Let your fingertips trace across my shoulders and down my arms until you cause goosebumps from the shivers of bubbling intentions.

Let your lips drift across my collarbone, softy brushing over the rise in my breasts until I am gasping at the desire to have you take my nipples into your mouth making my back arch and fall even deeper into you.

Let your body rise to meet mine, so that we can finally discover if you can penetrate my body as deeply as you do my mind.

This time we have nothing but time—and there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be than in your hands.

It may have taken years, or possibly only a day, but I realize now that you don’t just read my pages skimming over the parts that are your most favorite—but you devour me as if you’ve been waiting all along for a story that is just as dark and sweet as mine.

And I promise you that if you touch me like this, there is no doubt that I will always be yours.




Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Purchased by author, via Shutterstock

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