Next Time Someone Asks me What my Religion is, I’m Going to Show them This Video.

Via Khara-Jade Warren
on Mar 30, 2016
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Lord Jim

“Is there a higher power. Is there a higher intelligence. What do you believe in?”

This is the kind of answer that makes the question moot.

There are two things that tear us apart the world over: religion and politics. We just cannot seem to agree on either and in our disagreements we forget our common humanity. We forget that we are all in this together.

Instead, for just two minutes, try this. Forget your religion, forget your politics, forget your race, your gender, your social status, the balance of your bank account. Forget that it’s Bernie saying it.

Forget it all for a second and, as a human being, just listen.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” ~ Mother Teresa



Author: Khara-Jade Warren

Image: Lord Jim/ Flickr



About Khara-Jade Warren

Khara-Jade Warren is a mom, writer, editor, and yoga teacher who believes in a straight-talking, no bull approach on the mat, on the page, and in life. She was born and raised in South Africa and, after spending most of her adult life in London and Oxford, she has just made the great trek home with her family. She now lives, outnumbered by too many boys, in a house full of equal parts love and chaos, in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. You can connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.


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